• The Secret Meaning Behind The Days Of The Week

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    Article by Luke Miller

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    The days of the week are something that are in constant use within our language and conversation. But what many do not know is there are secret hidden meanings and messages embedded within many of the word we use giving them a far more significant and symbolic meaning than that of just a simple sound.

    Astrology is something that in deeply rooted within ancient cultures across the globe. The Mayans, The Ancient Egyptians, The Sumerians and many other ancient cultures worshipped the sky and believed the historic origins of humanity can be told by an understanding of the sky.

    This may seem like a culture that we are currently far removed from, however you will see in just a moment that the language we use everyday celebrates these same ideas that the ancient traditions used to celebrate.


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    Wednesday 3rd January 2018 at 16:11

    this is very useful article, hopefully useful......


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