• Anonymous Message To Corrupt Mainstream Media

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    Article by Joe Martino

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    This is neither the first nor the last time I shall stress how critically important it is for you to trust your own instincts (or gut feeling if you like) when it comes to information even when I'm the direct or indirect source. My purpose sharing my findings, feelings and personal journey with you is not to pose as a knower of truth nor seek some kind of approval or validation from you, but rather to give you food for thought you might not have originally considered. Because that's the only way you can break free. Again, do not take my word for granted, create your first hand experiences. Try to move past almighty rationalism (in appearance only as in reality, it's totally fucked up if I may say so) following your feelings instead and observe the change that will happen within then around you. Be careful, though, not to confuse misperceptions (ego) with your deepest instinct (higher-self). So it's not that simple, but if you're sincere and persistent in your intention, signs and opportunities to distinguish between both should arrive very soon. Please refer to the Persona Grata section and above all, trust the superior intelligence within you. Reside in your heart and gain certainty. Dwell in your head and get lost in doubt.


    There has been no shortage of Anonymous messages lately, and it’s no surprise given how much is going on right now.

    Reporting from North Dakota here in Standing Rock, we have seen a complete lack of mainstream media. Even when Robert Kennedy Jr. came down, we were the only organization to get a one on one interview with him, how is that even possible given the size of what’s happening here at Standing Rock?

    Mainstream media isn’t dropping the ball, they simply aren’t interested in supporting and covering what’s happening here, and it is likely because of who they are owned by.


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