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    All you need is love, love is all you need” sang The Beatles.1
    On this day ruled by the arrows of CUPIDity, why not give unconditional love around you rather than flowers, chocolate, perfume or any other conditioned, superficial commercial tokens totally unrelated to this state of being? What comes from the heart doesn't rely on a calendar reminder to express itself. And you don't need to be in love nor have found your soulmate to be in the right vibration that will get you out of the Matrix's chessboard. So let's do the hearts dance (everyday) and take all the Grinches and those left behind by life with you in this joyful farandole that is bound to win at the end of the day.

    Say the word and you'll be free, say the word and be like me, say the word I'm thinking of... Have you heard the word is love? It's the word: love!2




    1. "All You Need Is Love", The Beatles (1967).
    2. "The Word", The Beatles (1965).
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