• The Deep State Has A Big Problem In France

    Article by Joe Martino

    It’s a fiery scene in France. On Saturdays during protests, tear gas fills the air in Paris as the ‘Yellow Vests’ gather in the tens of thousands to protest against a new fuel tax that pushed citizens over the edge.

    Clashes between police and protesters were in the plenty as this became the biggest and most violent protest in over 50 years for France. But there was a slightly different scene just a few days ago as police officers began removing their helmets in solidarity with protestors – as guess what, they are people too! And they are affected by the wealth squeezing decisions coming from the Macron administration. We covered this story in deep detail HERE.

    In this article, we turn our attention to something slightly different. Yes, we will still discuss this unifying event of police removing their helmets, and firefighters turning their backs on elected officials, but we will be diving into the deeper aspects of what these signs of unity can mean if they spread.


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