• The Climate Change Scam, What it's REALLY all about

    Video by David Icke transcribed by Ey@el

    A new videocast by David Icke (excerpt available online since 4th December) I was almost looking forward to as I knew it could only deal with the current ultra-sensitive issue even highly intelligent and well-meant people easily fall into. No surprise in there, but it rather strengthens my feeling that we now have gone past the point of no return in the impending collapse of this society and its fabricated values. This is the parting of the ways as they say with, on one side, those with a firm determination to dismantle the matrix at any cost (and ready to face the consequences since nothing could be more scary than what's laying ahead) and on the other, the sheeple who, when time comes, will belligerently fight to preserve their delusion — even if it means they all get slaughtered (though in their case, there is much more than death to fear). And caught in the crossfire are the Awaken, trapped into some of the matrix many mind-screws to advocate for manipulated issues such as the alleged climate change and the infamous carbon dioxide, all in good faith. As my late grand-mother would say, « one day, you'll see, they'll tax the very air we breathe ». She didn't live to see it and should it turn out to be true, I don't aspire to either. But like Icke (who once was a spokesperson for the Green Party in Britain), I find there's nothing more frustrating than when the truth is so blatant and all these people who just can't see it. I know some will not even bother reading this article. The headline or the mention of David Icke's name might do the trick to trigger a conditioned reflex of ultimate rejection. While I've also heard that these are “tired, old arguments” and that there are “more reliable sources” (sic). And who decides on what is reliable and what is not? Kind of a stand-off there. I wish so much I were wrong.


    Hello and welcome to this videocast for subscribers to davidicke.com.

    Well, it's been a week again of much ludicrousness. Not least having watched some of the debates in Parliament over the British bombings in Syria. But perhaps the depths of ludicrousness were planted by Prince Charles and the British singer Charlotte Church who blamed the crisis in Syria on global warming.

    Global warming: the cause to everything happening

    Is there anything that happens that isn't caused by global warming that actually isn't happening?

    Well, that's a nice day today, isn't it?
    Global warming!
    Wow, it's a bit chilly, isn't it?
    Global warming!

    On and on it goes.

    So why is there this obsession with selling us this blatant lie about the planet being in mortal danger from something that's not happening? There is an answer to that which I'm going to enter into today. And funnily enough, I am going to connect the crisis and the wars in Syria and the Middle East to global warming — or climate change as it's become since temperatures stopped going up. But clearly, I'm not going to connect them in the way that Prince Charles and Charlotte Church did. But they are connected in this way.

    I talked in the videocast last week (see Related articles) about how the sequence of wars and the regime changes and conquests were part of a vast global agenda to create a centralised tyranny based on world government, world army, world central bank, world currency (cashless) and microchipped population, etc. But you just don't bring that about through war. There is this great spectrum of reasons and excuses that are being played out to justify the creation of that tyranny — that centralised global tyranny where the population are kept under fierce control through a merciless, vicious police state which we're seeing unfolded all the time — globally of course. And one of these excuses is global warming.

    The reason it doesn't stack up when you look at the evidence rather than the propaganda is because it's a lie! The same reason that the excuses that I exposed last week for going into Iraq and Libya and Syria are lies. Because they are manufactured excuses to create an outcome which is advancing this what I call totalitarian tiptoe (and it's a bloody sprint now) to this centralised tyranny.

    Two masks on the same face

    And what's kind of frustrating sometimes (well, perhaps even more than sometimes) is when you see people who are focused on one thing, like stopping British bombing in Syria for instance, and for very good reasons. And yet they are caught in another part of this excuse spectrum to create this global tyranny which, of course, they wouldn't want. Until people get informed about the nature of these world transformations going on and the excuses being used to impose it and the techniques of perception deception manipulation to get us to see the world in ways that will allow this tyranny to unfold. Unless people have a grasp of that, then they're gonna go on — going against it here but supporting it here.

    So, for instance, we have people who will oppose the bombings in Syria but also go on the streets demanding action over climate change to save the planet. And yet those two things, one day oppose, one day support are two masks on the same face.

    The background to the United Nations

    And one of the things we need to get over is this obsession with the United Nations and the fact that it's some benevolent organisation trying to bring peace and harmony to the planet. I've been exposing the background to the United Nations and the League of Nations that went before it in my books for decades. It's not been created to bring peace and harmony. It's been created as a stalking horse for world government — a stepping stone to world government. And as more and more power is given to the United Nations, that you can see the stepping stone unfolding.

    The United Nations is quoted constantly: “Well, the United Nations says this, we must do it.” I watched the debate in Parliament this week over the bombing in Syria and we had people quoting the United Nations, “We must support the United Nations, the UN said this and it's given us the matter...” and all this stuff.

    United Nations was created by the same hidden hand that is behind these multiple wars. It was manipulated into place by organisations like the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States which is part of a network of secret and semi-secret organisations which now include the Bilderberg group and others (the Trilateral Commission). And that network is controlled by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families among others.

    The Rockefellers were right at the centre of the creation of the United Nations. Indeed, the very building is standing on land donated by the Rockefeller family. Now, do a tiny smear of research into the history of the Rockefeller family and then explain to me how they could possibly have any interest whatsoever in peace, harmony, fairness, justice and equality. But they are behind the United Nations. Now, what organisation is behind the global warming scam? United Nations and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which is headed, by the way, by a railway engineer who would do the world a lot more good to go mending some tracks or some wagons or something instead of spouting the nonsense that has created this hysteria.

    Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

    But there's something else. And this is where the connection starts. In 1992, at the big environment conference in Rio de Janeiro, something began called Agenda 21. This is now being updated and agreed by multiple global nations just like they're trying to do in Paris currently over global warming. It's been updated to be called Agenda 2030. Who runs Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030? United Nations. And what are they? They are a plan for the centralised control (globally) of everything: all resources, all of society centrally controlled. Do you know what the main excuse for introducing Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is and create this centralised control? The threat to the planet of global warming that ain't happening.

    So when people say to me, “Well, if they're lying about this human caused climate change (of course it's always that bloody climate change — human caused climate change), then what would be the point? Why is it happening?” It's happening because these agendas (21/2030 same thing, different name) are absolutely dependent for their success on changes being made to centralise everything to save the planet from global warming. So they're fundamentally connected and they're all being channelled through the same source, the United Nations.

    Now, is everybody lying? No, of course not. Most people that say “Oh, we've got to save the planet” are actually believing the lie. And say, you have a situation, for instance, where Jeremy Corbyn will speak against bombing in Syria. Quite right, but then he'll support action to meet the challenge it says here of global warming which is part of the same global agenda of which bombing Syria is part.

    Carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases

    And lest we forget, carbon dioxide is the gas of life. Without carbon dioxide, we'd all be dead. “Let's demonise a gas of life, shall we?” Without the greenhouse effect which holds heat in and stops it escaping, we'd all be ice lollies. Kaput! It's demonising a process that is essential to life.

    And by the way, talking about the greenhouse effect, this is a graph of greenhouse gases. Guess which one is CO2? It's gotta be that one, ain't it? That's CO2 [points at the largest bar]. Oh, it's dangerous, ain't it? That, right up, is the 90% of greenhouse gases is water vapour, clouds and such like. I know, “Let's demonise condensation, let's ban it!” This one here [points at a tiny bar next] is CO2 and the vast majority of that is naturally created NOT created by humans. The scale of the lie is extraordinary and it is justifying a transformation of general society into this tyranny that lies at the end of it.

    The correlation between sun activity and earth temperature

    Also, these characters go on about “Oh, CO2 is global warming, it's gonna destroy the planet!” Have you noticed, they never mention the sun in terms of heating. I feel in me, although, the sun has an impact on earth's temperature, I just feel it instinctively. You know, I mean when the sun comes out you kind of get warm, you feel that it's got something to do with heat. But they never talk about the sun. And yet, when you look at the graphs of sun activity (in other words, the cycles of power coming from the sun) and earth temperature, they go up together and down together.

    There was a group of scientists at CERN, this global centre of physics, who produced a graph showing the almost exact correlation between the penetration of cosmic rays into the earth's atmosphere and earth's temperature and until it kind of leaked out that was being suppressed. That was not allowed to go into the public arena because it showed the lie to be exactly that: a lie.

    And ironically, Jeremy Corbyn's brother, Piers Corbyn, a bit of what you might call a renegade weatherman (in other words he doesn't buy the lie), is a staunch opponent of the global warming nonsense. And what does he put the changes in earth's temperature down to among other things? The sun. “He gotta be mad, ain't he? How can he say that? It's ridiculous!

    The big picture

    So you have this situation where people go and protest against austerity, they protest against the Big Brother state, they protest against bombing in Syria (all of which, you know rounds of applause I say), but then, because they're not seeing the big picture and how it all works (I mean in my last book, Perception Deception which was half a million words, there is a big, big picture) — but if you don't see the big picture, then it will get you somehow. It will pull you in and somehow the people protesting against those things, then they'll go and protest and demand that action be taken against the threat of global warming because they've bought the lie and what's planned is everything they're protesting about elsewhere.

    Of course, you know, the Greens (the green parties), they're not going to come out and say: “Actually, we've been mistaken all these years, it's a scam!” And they've got vested interests in global warming being accepted because that gives more credibility to their green politics.

    And then you look at the scientists (and yes there are lot of other scientists, a gathering number of other scientists) who are actually saying it's all a load of nonsense (I'll get into them later in this videocast). But these scientists that come out and say it's all true — let's not forget that a study of money spent on saving us from global warming estimated that globally 1.5 trillion dollars is being spent every year on this whole climate change caused by humans' nonsense. And so the gravy train of those that say “Yeah, it's true” is absolutely enormous.

    The suppressing of free energy technology

    And there's another thing: why is it that the same people who are telling us that greenhouse gases are threatening the future of the world — those same authorities are supporting fracking which releases greenhouse gases? Those same authorities are suppressing free energy technology which people like Nikola Tesla, in the first part of the 20th century, proved to be a fact. Free energy technology that accesses the natural electrical electromagnetic energy fields in the atmosphere all around us and turns it into usable form of power without use of fossil-fuel. Why are the same people going on about global warming and the dangers of it suppressing that? They have been since Tesla was alive.

    The facts about temperature records

    And another thing : people who are telling the truth do not fix the data because if they're telling the truth, they don't have to. But that is what has been exposed again and again: scientists fixing the data. Remember that whole scary graph called the Hockey Stick they produced where these temperatures went along and then suddenly just at the time they wanted us to believe it shot up? Complete lie! It's been exposed to such. Because what they did was ignore something called the Medieval Warm Period. This was about a thousand years ago when temperatures were hotter than they are now. Now what caused it then? Turbo-charged cars? So the graph would have been like that [hand goes downwards], much different so they've just ignored it, got rid of it. Complete manipulation!

    And then, after the Medieval Warm Period, from about 1352 to 1800, we went into something called the Little Ice Age. And during the Little Ice Age, when they had ice fairs on the Thames because it was so frozen over, we also had something called the Warmed Up Minimum. This was the minimum of sunspot activity (activity of the sun) which correlated very, very low sun activity with plummeting temperatures. And so, as we were coming out of the Little Ice Age, that's when they started the records and data for climate information temperature. So when they say: “It's the hottest since these records began”, well first of all, how are you measuring that? And secondly, the records began as we were still coming out of the Little Ice Age so the connection is totally false because of that. And earth temperatures as measured by satellites, etc, have not risen since the 1997-98.

    So some facts (facts NOT propaganda):

    • The ice at the poles is not receding. It's been growing recently.
    • Polar bears are not disappearing. Their numbers have been growing.
    • The Maldives Islands, etc, are not disappearing under the sea. Experts in sea levels, one of whom has written 600 papers on the subject (I'll come to him later) has said that in 40 years he has observed no rising of sea levels around the Maldives. And yet you have the Maldives government having a meeting underwater to highlight the fact that they're in danger.

    It's a monumental scam to create fear, to create guilt (“What about the children?”), to frighten the shit out of the children, to impose a global tyranny fundamentally connected to what's happening currently in the Middle East. And when people see the big picture and all its elements then we can see the lie.

    But until then, people will go on protesting against this partly agenda and calling for that part to be introduced.

    Transcribed by Ey@el
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