• Paris Attacks: We Terrify You And Then We Do What We Want

    Video by David Icke transcribed by Ey@el

    I know we keep hearing about the Paris attacks ever since that ill-fated day while no black cat will ever dare showing its whiskers up anymore for fear of getting lynched by the hypnotised mob turned vengeful by the mind-screwing box and the fake love vibes straight out of the Butt-face's hole. “Piss & love” (in French, “love” means to coil up like a snake) — could it be all that stench actually comes from there? As David Icke pleads in this large excerpt from his latest videocast (available online since 20th November), “WAKE UP HUMAN RACE WHILE IT'S STILL TIME!” And that's quite an understatement. For until then, all the “heretics”, people immune (or survivors) to brainwashing or truth seekers could still be called “conspiracy theorists”. But now, as the facts became blatant evidence, the size of the Statue of Liberty in the middle of New York Harbor (this chosen symbol is not picked at random), there are no such things as theories or conspiracies any more. To think otherwise would simply imply you're no better than these bunches of morons, deluded into believing they're defending their values, their culture, their country, their religion, their god and whatever by slaughtering innocent people before blowing themselves up. Because buying such outrageous and recurring lies would indicate that ultimately our minds are as pliable as theirs and all it needs is to push the right buttons (fearometer and egometer) to get us to do what they want. Giving our freedoms away in order to ensure our (illusory) security will definitely cause the loss of both. It's high time (it's urgent) to drop the “every man for himself” principle before the “all for everyone” strikes ALL of us down. For good. And unlike dystopian Hollywood movies where there's always some brave strong cowboy to save the world, Bruce Willis and his brawny mates won't be there to rescue us from this mess. They say “God save the Queen”, not God save the people.


    Hello and welcome to this videocast for subscribers to davidicke.com.

    In last week's videocast I talked about politicians as actors. Kind of appropriate because what we've seen this past week is a movie. And I'm talking, of course, about what's happened in Paris. The horror is real. The cover story is a hoax. And I'll explain why I say that in some details later on.


    I came up with a phrase, a long time ago now, that I called problem-reaction-solution. I was looking for a simple way of describing something they call the egalian dialectic — and it works like this: you want to change society in a way that you can't just openly say “we're going to do this”, because you know you're gonna get an adverse reaction and response from the public. So you just don't say what you want openly. You play problem-reaction-solution.

    First stage: you create a problem — covertly, of course, and you get someone to be blamed for it. And once you've created your problem, what you're looking for from the public is a reaction. And in terms of terrorism, you're looking for fear, you're looking for outrage, and you're looking for a public that either says “This can't go on, something must be done” or is, at least, open-minded to the fact that change must take place because of the problem.

    At which point having created the problem covertly, got that public reaction, you then openly offer the solutions to the problems you have covertly created.

    And that is what has happened in Paris in the last week. And that is what happens again and again with these situations. And if people could only open their minds to the fact that it is possible — say the bloody least — that a force behind governments would create horror to get the reaction and the response so that they could change society in the way that they want.

    Now, for the last 25 years, in my books and talks around the world, I pointed out what they — “this hidden hand” wants: it wants a global Orwellian fascist dictatorship where people are controlled down to the fine detail of their lives, where freedom of speech, freedom of movement, all of it, is no more. We're seeing it unfold by the day now, all these years later.

    The systematic eradicating of the Middle East

    They also want to pick off country after country in the Middle East. I've talked in another videocast and in my books about the list how far it goes back and now they're picking them off: Libya and Iraq and now Syria. And they want to expand across into that across what's know as Eurasia, that great land mass from Europe to China, from Russia down into the Middle East.

    And look at what has happened as a result of Paris. As a result of the problem covertly created. We are having extraordinary levels of the Orwellian state being introduced in France. We are having it happening in Britain. They're talking about doing it as a response in Australia and so it goes on. And the idea is to terrify people into giving their freedoms away. That's how this technique works.

    We also have a situation where they want to remove Assad — they want to bomb Syria to oblivion as they pick off their list — he delayed them for too long.

    And of course, David Cameron has been trying for how long now to get support to have British bombing in Syria. I mean how many do they bloody want? We got the United States bombing in Syria, we've got France, we've got Turkey, we've got Israel when they come and have a go and we've got Russia. I mean, look a the size of the lads, they'll be nothing left. That's the idea!

    So as a result of Paris, David Cameron, who was struggling to get support for British bombing in Syria, is now saying “Oh now, after Paris, I'm gonna make a case for it. We must be involved.” And we've got this from a newspaper this week: “WE SHOULD BOMB SYRIA SAY 60% OF BRITONS”. And as it states here: “Mail Poll reveals country's reaction to the Paris carnage”. Problem-Reaction-Solution!

    The masterminds

    And so we have a situation where we are asked to believe that we have an agenda of what they want to do: bombing in Syria, more and more Big Brother Orwellian state. And a terrorist attack happens in Paris at the right time to push on what they do and what they want. And we're asked to believe that that is all a coincidence.

    Before everyone says “Oh well, yes, but there were Muslims involved in all that”. People pointed Muslims out of many Muslims who don't go around with weapons and suicide bombs. But we need to understand how this works. They talk about masterminds: “We're after the mastermind! We killed the mastermind!” I have a question: what do these masterminds always turn out to be bloody idiots? Because they're not masterminds.

    I was interested to see an interview this week with a French journalist who had been a hostage of ISIS and a deal was done to get him out. And what he said — he said: “I was with them, I saw them, I interacted with them including this Jihadi bloke”. He said: “We have a phrase in France which is that someone is evil and stupid” and he said : “My experience of this ISIS crowd is that they are more stupid than evil”. Now when you consider the evil that they have done, the level of stupidity he must be talking about. Beggar's belief!

    Oh, but these are masterminds, they're orchestrating this terrorism!” This is how it works. It just always works like this. They are absolute outright hoaxes — complete bloody hoaxes. But this is one way that it works.

    If you are working for a major corporation, if you're on the shock flow, you're at the bottom rung where the stuff gets done, where the products are made and all that. Then you have orders to follow — instructions to follow — organisation to follow — but you're not deciding that. It's being decided further up — the hierarchical pyramid of the corporation. So you might know the next guy up, you might know even the next guy up from him, but then it suddenly goes quiet. The source of the ultimate instructions just come down from... you don't know. “Oh well, it comes down from higher so we'd best do it”.

    Now these problem-reaction-solutions involving people who genuinely will think that they are fighting for Islam and all this bloody idiocy they talk about. And they will play it out. They'll go blow themselves up, they'll go and shoot people. Cause they're morons! But they ain't orchestrating it. They are not the ones who have the ability to block or delay responses or block security so that they can get away with it and actually perpetrate what they are doing without being stopped.

    And here's another: we're asked to believe it's now clear, in fact it's been admitted, that staggering amounts of money and arms have been handed over to “moderate” rebels in Syria By the United States and Saudi Arabia — and we are asked to believe that those that have armed these people didn't realise that they were gonna be handed to Isis which is what has happened. Isis is funded, orchestrated and directed not by these moronic masterminds with brains the size of a bloody pea — it's done by the very hidden hand that then says: “After these terrorist events, we must go to war in Syria, we must come together in a coalition of more mutual destruction”.

    We are asked to believe that these countries like the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar that have funded, trained and armed these people and directed them, they have no control over them doing the terrorist acts in Paris.

    Perception deception

    And what we're seeing now is a double whammy. We are seeing the anti being upped to create maximum terror, maximum fear in these societies of the West, France, Britain, Germany, United States to so terrify the public that they will give their freedom away to these psychopaths — I'm talking about the politicians here and those behind them — in fear of not being protected otherwise from what they have been manipulated to fear.

    And the other side of this — because what we're talking about with this problem-reaction-solution is in the name of my last book, it's a perception deception.

    It's all all the perception deception. You know, if you want to control what people do, what people will challenge and what people will not challenge, then you have to dictate their perception cause their behaviour, their action or non-action comers from their perception of reality, their perception of a situation. So what we're looking at, although we're seeing horrific terrorism, terrific events, it's a mid game. It's about manipulating the perception of the public so that they will act and react in the desired fashion.

    Now that perception deception comes from the public accepting the official version of these events. So “Oh yeah do this, we don't want our freedoms taken away but in the face of all that stuff...” The antidote to that is the alternative media — the alternative media that looks at these events and comes from it from another angle and provides a different narrative — a narrative that says: “Actually if you look at it from this angle, who benefits from this ? Who benefits from what happened in Paris”. Well, it's obvious who benefits. Anyone who wants to take freedoms away, wants a police state, wants the army on the streets ans wants to get support for the mass bombing of Syria. Who benefits is as the phrase goes the one most likely to have committed it and in this case, ultimately organised and engineered it.

    So what we're seeing in this double whammy, is on one side more and more of these events to terrify people and note these problem-reaction-solutions invariably target places and people where normally people would feel safe. so all these mass shootings in the United States happen in places like schools. You bomb a Russian aircrafts so people get fearful about air travel. You have a terrorist attack in Tunisia on a holiday beach, the people are terrified even to go on a holiday. It's all a mind game and it's all systematic. We'd better get our arses in gear and understand this cause we ain't seen nothing yet otherwise.

    The war waged upon the alternative media

    So we have the fear and the other side of the double whammy and that is the war that has now been waged and is being waged upon the alternative media to try to silence them, to try to censor them. This week I've been banned for five days by Facebook. And other cases of counter-lies where people have had things sensitive in most outrageous way by Facebook. Go to davidicke.com, see why I've been blocked out for five days and you'll be staggered at the reason for it.

    Here's another: we're being asked to believe that even though this is a perception deception, it's about control of information that a giant global communication operation like Facebook and Google are not controlled by this network, this hidden hand that prospers by manipulating perception. Are you having a laugh?

    And what's happening is these companies like Facebook led by a bloke in a tee-shirt — “Hey man, cool! I'm one of you!”. Well, the smiley face's starting not to smile so much as the real reason for Facebook comes to light which is control of information and surveillance and others like it.

    And therefore, people who care about freedom need to give maximum support to the alternative media which is being squeezed financially by people like YouTube and Google where search engines are being manipulated so the alternative media is not as on display as it could be and censorship in other ways.

    We need to bring support to the alternative media for if that goes, there is no other challenge alternative to the official narrative which is designed to sell you a lie.

    The indestructible passports

    Now another thing about these problem-reaction-solutions like Paris is they have a pattern. People have been importing these patterns for ages. And what you can do now when you hear there's been an attack in Paris — it's happened over this one. People are saying “Okay 1-2-3-4, this what's going to happen next”. And it happens. It's happened in Paris. Let's go through a few things...

    First of all: passports. You know, someone said on the Internet this week, something very profound — he was kind be ironic but very profound. He said: “Would people please send me all their passports so I can build a bomb-proof building because these passports appeared to be indestructible. Build a bomb shelter with them!

    Let's look at 9/11. After 9/11, you know you saw the planes hitting the buildings and the fire balls — the FBI and the New York Police announced that they'd found one of the hijackers' passport. It's supposed to be in the bloody plane in a place called Vesey Street, right in the middle of Ground Zero where the World Trade Center was. I mean what it synched?

    It's a bloody nonsense but it's a perception deception. It's not true. Of course it's not true, it's idiocy. But they're looking for the reaction. “Hey honey, it was a Muslim on them planes, they just found a passport!

    And a year later, an independent television crew went to New York doing a documentary on the 9/11 and they asked the New York Police about this hijacker's passport and they were told it's a rumour that might be true. There was a press conference call after 9/11 that said they found it. Why? Perception deception. It's a mind game.

    And then we have 7/7, the London bombings in 2005 where one of the people who was supposed to be on the tube train blew himself up with a bomb in his bag — the police found (miracles are to a penny in these problem-reaction-solutions cause they're lying) — they found his passport, his driving license and his mobile phone insurance. Oh sure, it was intact. The guy you want to call it for it. It's absolutely unbelievable!

    Before 9/11 or at the time they were saying they found Corans in cars and Corans in hotel rooms where the hijackers were. “It was supposed to be Muslims, they even leave the Corans everywhere they go for!” Mind game. It's not even subtle. It's not even intelligence, but my God, what does that say about people that believe this crap when it's so blatantly false.

    The international summits

    And then we had this remarkable coincidence that the 7/7 bombings happened during the G8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland so they could milk it.

    And this Paris one happened right on the eve of the G20 Summit in Turkey which was going to discuss terrorism. And where's Turkey? Just over the border from Syria.

    The drills

    And there's drills exercises. Lot of people might not know this all these years later, but on the day of 9/11, there were exercises in the sky the very same skies where the 9/11 planes came down. There were exercises that were working to a scenario that was exactly the same as what happened including the scenario of a hijacked plane being flown into a building in Washington.

    And they have an organisation in North America called North NORAD which is supposed to react to situations like hijackings and they send planes up very quickly. And on 9/11 they didn't of course. It was ludicrously late and feel like the cavalry arrived when it was all over. I've seen the logs of NORAD for that day. I've published them, it's all on my books. And the NORAD response system was completely scrambled by not knowing if what was coming in the reports were the exercises or real.

    Why they do these drills in conjunction with the real thing is that allows them to hide the real thing. It allows them to do so much behind the organisation of the drill in terms of 9/11 to scramble the normal response mechanism or hijackings.

    The 7/7 bombings in 2005, they had a drill at the same time involving the same stations. Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about!

    Mass shootings galore in America, drills are going on either there or close by at the same time.

    The Oslo bombing and mass shootings, remember that in 2011 when this guy Breivik — a bomb went off in Oslo and just by coincidence, the Oslo police that day, in that same place area were having a drill — an exercise based on a bomb going off and the drill ended 26 minutes before the real bomb went off in the same place.

    Boston marathon bombings drill going on at the same time in the same place.

    Oklahoma bombings of the Murrah building drill going on at the same time in the same place. People arrived that morning, many of whom never went home saw the bomb squad around the building before the bomb went off or the bombs as they were.

    It's a scam. It's a mind game and they are manipulating your perception so that you give them your freedom and you give them their support to go and bomb, destroy, slaughter more people with brown faces in the name of fighting terrorism.

    Wake up human race while you still can!

    Transcribed by Ey@el
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