• The Black Star

    by Ey@el

    Original en français

    You don't know me, yet you never miss an opportunity to pin everything and nothing on me. Any situation difficult to fathom makes me a blatantly obvious culprit. I'm being blamed, feared, and hated. But I didn't do anything. How could I since, in fact, I don't exist? At least nowhere but in your misguided beliefs. I hope you guess my name...

    My name is Fate. I'm often confused with Hope, although ultimately neither of us is real. We both are projections of your amnesic minds — collateral incidences used to offload your responsibilities as souls stuck in denial of your own forgotten omnipotence.

    Black holes and revelations

    Our hopes and expectations
    Black holes and revelations

    "Starlight", Muse (2006)

    Every time you call upon my unfortunate companion, you praise him to the skies as if he were some kind of messiah, a guide who could lead your to the nirvana of your short-lived fantasies — never to that of your genuine essential needs though.

    Actually, have you ever thought about it? Of course not! How could you when you're always so busy continually moving heaven and earth without pausing — never worrying about what may come next.

    Blame it on the Black Star

    Blame it on the Black Star
    Blame it on the falling sky,
    Blame it on the satellite
    That beams me home.

    "Black Star", Radiohead (1995)

    You wish, you want, you pray, you hope... That's all rubbish! Whenever Hope doesn't meet your expectations, whenever you feel betrayed by him, you blame me!

    I, your black star, you dark moon, your priestess of doom.

    Well, sorry, but I'm outraged, annoyed, pained. I had to tell you: Hope and I no longer wish to continue to endorse your past, present and future. It is now time for you to leave us aside and regain your freewill you had deliberately tied up to the illusory crenellations of your fancy.


    All that is now
    All that is gone
    All that's to come
    And everything under the sun is in tune
    But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.

    "Eclipse", Pink Floyd (1973)

    Slaves, we don't want you anymore. There is no point to such duality. By mutual agreement, we release you and condemn you to be.

    From now on, there won't be any maze for you to get entangled in or any disingenuous projection to divert you from the now moment and your power of manifestation. Thus you may create and never again will you desire. Thus you may understand and never again will you blame anyone else. Thus you may know and never again will you have your backs to the wall.


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