• Sheer Ignorance and Insanity Is The Hallmark of Medical Practice Throughout History - Here's The Proof

    Article by Dave Mihalovic

    © David Dees

    History is filled with stories of absurd medical ineptitude, and in all likeliness, today's medical practices will be seen in a similar light several decades from now. It seems that each generation of medical authorities are so engrossed in their sense of superiority, they fail to learn from history and recognize their repetitive assaults on the human body through their misguided intentions to treat symptoms with poison. The reason mainstream medicine has lost its footing in the hearts and minds of the people is not due to the lack of scientific progress, but sheer ignorance enveloped in a thick layer of insanity. Here's the proof.

    Tooth Worms Cause Cavities

    Before anyone understood the reasons behind tooth decay, medical authorities naturally thought it was tooth worms which were widely considered to be the cause. Evil tooth worms date back as far as 5000 BC. In ancient times, there was no scientific explanation for tooth ailments or the unsightly appearance that tooth decay left in its wake. So without any way to rationalize how these "holes" were created in teeth, the brilliant concept of the tooth worm was born!


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