• What It Really Means to Be a Seeker of TRUTH

    Article by Christina Sarich

    © David Dee

    We are all whistleblowers if we want to be. It starts with keeping ourselves accountable. As I watch my own mother decline in a state of extended, deteriorating health, a woman who was couched in the modern medical paradigm as a registered nurse, and who once helped the local police solve a murder with psychic knowledge in her youth, I split the hairs between what is ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ on a daily basis. But, isn’t that what we all do as Truth seekers – try to peel apart the layers of philosophy, doctrine, dogma, televised propaganda, government lies, religious rhetoric, peer-pressure, and self-delusion? It is a long list, I know, but as seekers of Truth, you will often find yourself stuck in the ‘seeking’ mode, when truth lies in the ‘being’ mode just as profoundly.

    I write about the world as I see it –the crazy juxtaposition of chemtrails in the skies and a thousand baby seagulls dancing and diving over the strangely windy firmament.


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