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    Article by Reza Moghaddassi translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    To all the clever, reasonable people outraged at those who do not wish to get vaccinated,

    Pardon me for having serious concerns about the safety of what you call in the main "vaccines". I should indeed blindly trust TV and authorities. I should trust the studies submitted by drug companies even if the latter have been fined billions dollars for scientific fraud over the last few years.

    Pardon my bewilderment and challenge to understand the scientific justification for the measures taken.

    Pardon my attempt to assess the proportionality of the actual measures taken against potential risks.

    Pardon me for confronting the views expressed by scientists with heavy ties and conflicts of interest with those without.

    Pardon my effort to understand the nature of scientific controversies rather than going along with the tyranny of arrogant, partial authorised thinking.

    Pardon my refusal to be used as a guinea pig for experimental injections in clinical trials.

    Pardon me for daring to look at official numbers of deaths and serious adverse reactions to the current vaccines (still largely underestimated) rather than trusting the "experts" or simply acknowledging that all of these are merely coincidental with no established causality.

    Pardon my refusal to put my children at risk of getting serious side effects whereas they have practically no chance of contracting a severe case of Covid and whereas no positive benefit-risk ratio of such vaccination for children has yet been honestly and scientifically demonstrated.

    Pardon Me For Existing

    You are right, I am just being presumptuous. After all, it's an emergency situation and we can't afford to waste any time in ethics and consideration. Let's not break the unity of the flock and let us be guided by the honest, trustworthy "experts" who govern us. What matters is not the truth nor even reality, but standing united in the war against the virus.

    You are right, the greatest danger is "conspiracy theorists", i.e. anyone who dares questioning the integrity of political and scientific authorities or mass media. Those nasty conspiracy theorists are going to sow the seeds of doubt and division and their audacity might encourage people to think for themselves.

    However, thank you to Pfizer, Moderna and co. for their consideration and for offering us a lifetime subscription.

    Thank you to their old medicine college friends through the close collaboration of whom they could become their mouthpieces and join together in creating a genuine science to support health.

    Thank you to neutral and independent mainstream media for their vital task of re-informing the ignorant masses among whom I include myself.

    And of course, thank you to the executive team for doing their best for our mutual benefit.

    It Is for Our Own Good

    Yes, it is for our own good the authorities kept removing hospital beds for a year and a half.

    It is for our own good they have mandated face masks outdoors with no supporting scientific basis.

    It is for our own good they refuse to recommend vitamin D and zinc for prevention and for strengthening our immune system in spite of all the studies confirming their important role.

    It is for our own good they refuse to recommend cheap early treatments in spite of the large body of scientific literature and field experiments demonstrating their efficiency, and only recommend staying home and taking paracetamol.

    It is for our own good they threaten and suspend any doctor who has successfully treated their patients instead of sending them back home with a prescription for paracetamol.

    It is for our own good they order million doses of Remdesivir injections costing € 3,000 each, with no study to validate their effects and despite on-the-spot feedback demonstrating its inefficiency, renal toxicity, and mutagenic role.

    It is for our own good they refused to consider neither the Chinese nor Russian vaccine (only for health reasons!) even when we didn't have enough vaccines.

    It is for our own good they are terrorising and threatening people into getting injected with an experimental drug with no mid or long term retrospect.

    It is for our own good the French executive power have created a top secret defence council (for 50 years) with a supreme health authority whose members all have conflicts of interest.

    It is for our own good they encourage children to get vaccinated whereas they are more at risk of getting adverse effects from vaccines than Covid.

    It is for our own good they launched a mass vaccination campaign during a pandemic contrary to standard rules of precaution.

    It is for our own good they are violating our most fundamental freedoms and are now dividing the people in two with two different legal systems.

    It is for our own good they have prohibited physicians to prescribe hydroxychloroquine which was freely accessible until then.

    It is for our own good they refuse to recommend the use of invermectine, macrolides and zinc.

    It is for our own good they disregarded the work of the University Hospital Institute of Marseilles which is the leading-edge research in infectiology in France and whose results were much better than everywhere else.

    It is for our own good they are mobilising and funding unreliable PCR tests with so many amplification cycles it makes them irrelevant.

    It is for our own good they count many people who died with Covid as deceased from Covid.

    It is for our own good they have teamed up with Big Tech to silence whistleblowers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

    It is for our own good they have accepted to exempt Big Pharma from any legal liability in case for potential side effects of the vaccines and require us to sign a consent form.

    It is for our own good they have decided to create a rift in France between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated even if the vaccinated may contaminate others.

    It is for our own good they have stigmatised as crazy, absent-minded, and dangerous any of the most brilliant and eminent scientist who had the bad idea to question the official narrative.

    Pardon me for having come to mistrust those who work for my own good. I'm too stupid to understand.

    Too Stupid to Understand

    That we had to change the definition of what a vaccine is in order to call these genetic experiments vaccines.

    That we are dealing with a vaccine so innovative and revolutionary it doesn't prevent illness nor contamination.

    That we claim to "vaccinate" people with breakthrough technologies in experimental phase and of which we do not know the mid and long term effects, but that those who take the vaccine would not be used as guinea pigs.

    Too stupid to understand:

    That no one actually knows the full composition of the vaccines out of industrial confidentiality, but that we can still assert there are no problems.

    That vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer have been fined billions dollars for scientific fraud, but that we can launch a vaccination campaign entirely based on their sole studies.

    That if immunisation experts and scientists worldwide are warning against the potential risks posed by those adenovirus or messenger RNA vaccines, it's because they have gone mad or senile.

    That if an elderly person dies with Covid, they die of Covid, but if an elderly person dies after taking the vaccine, they die of old age.

    That the number of deaths and adverse effects amongst the "vaccinated" as officially reported by pharmacovigilance agencies far exceeds those for traditional vaccines, but we should still turn a blind eye.

    Too stupid to understand:

    That these gene injections prevent serious forms of the disease even though in ultra vaccinated Israel and England, a significant part of people in resuscitation have been vaccinated twice.

    That this vaccine is so protective you still need to practice social distance, wear a mask and most of all keep fearing the unvaccinated.

    That the vaccine is so effective, they're already talking of "lowered immunity", of third or fourth boosters and why not a yearly of bi-annual subscription.

    Too stupid to understand:

    That flu epidemics have never been eradicated, but they claim that we can defeat the coronavirus through "vaccination".

    That France is still one of the countries with the highest death toll per million of inhabitants, but that we are nonetheless the best and can therefore continue to rely on the same scientific-political team.

    That the most vaccinated countries are those who are the most affected by new variants, but it's because we are not sufficiently vaccinated.

    That if the vaccinated get sick, it's because of the unvaccinated.

    That the State is over-indebted and has no money, but they still can unlock billions of euros to finance their public health policy.

    That tests and vaccines are free, but will be financed by taxpayers.

    That by claiming to protect a tiny fraction of the population, we're going to sacrifice the lives of many others and destroy the future of the nation.

    Yes, I am too stupid to understand all this.

    I must have such a twisted mind that everything seems to have reversed in my head.

    Thanks to you, I can learn to put things back in the right order.


    I must indeed understand that:

    Freedom is to comply with the vaccine pass.

    Artificial immunity is better than natural immunity.

    If vaccinated people get sick or develop serious forms of the disease, this is proof that the vaccine works.

    If the vaccine is less effective against a new variant, it's because you need to get a booster of the same vaccine.

    Anyone with a positive PCR test is a sick person.

    Anyone in good health doesn't know they are sick and should be treated with suspicion.

    I am sorry, I'm a bit slow and I shall have to repeat all this often to be able to stick it in. Fortunately, we have journalists to provide pedagogy and repetition.

    Thank you to all clever and reasonable people for watching over us.

    Thank you for exempting us from thinking.

    Translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

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