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    An ex-model, victim of torture and sexual abuse during her childhood and teenage years, Teal Swan aka Teal Scott is a renowed “spiritual coach” in America. As usual, her beauty, non conformism, social success and overall popularity create hatred and controversy. Just like Laura Marie in France, she's thus regarded by some as a toxic guru or even worse (if you wish to know more, this article should provide a better informed and documented opinion even though the contents of what follows won't be invalidated by the assumed authenticity or non authenticity of its author).

    Let's thus make it clear: I am not praising her no more than I shall slag her off; I don't know her enough to even have an opinion. I don't see the point either given that I don't adhere to any specific belief system, I don't follow anyone, I only take in what finds empowering echo in me, using my whole being rather than my conditioned mind for discernment, and I couldn't care less of what everyone thinks or thinks not for I choose my own path without insisting that everyone else should follow. So, and as always (I know I keep saying it but it's sometime necessary in regard to the occasional random reader who doesn't know me and would come across this post), I'm only sharing my current beliefs and feelings which might all be subject to change and reconsideration over time on my path to personal enlightment, and I certainly am not trying to elevate them as truths. I expect the same in return and shall not tolerate any demand for justification nor that it should be turned against me to start an argument. This is not the right place and if you don't like it, feel free to move on. Thank you.

    To those who chose to stay, I would like to add it's more than okay and even healthy to question everything (even what I'm saying) as it's a sign of great wisdom. However when it comes to demonise or praise, it is not only pointless, but a total waste of time and energy that won't get you anywhere. On the other hand, it's playing the game of the divide and rule policies. As they say, if you believe in black and white, stay away from the light. But all cats are grey in the dark, not black or white. Better sorry than sour!

    So much rhetoric in attempt to provide a specific background to this article of a very personal nature in which Teal is announcing the breakup of her couple. I found her thinking extraordinarily perceptive and wise in spite of her perceptible grief. Whatever the type of relationship we may have to let go off — and not just romantic partnerships. Whether it's parting with your family after living in denial of being psychologically abused because we always compare ourselves to others (the fact that there'll always be someone worse off than you may help you to put things back into perspective, still it is no less dangereous since it makes you accept the unacceptable and also because anything causing you irreversible injury or destroying your life or portions of it should never be downplayed). Teal also mentions relationships with physical or non physical things (not just people) which might be personal possessions or beliefs. As a matter of fact, experiencing the collapsing of our support or belief systems can be as painful as breaking up with loved ones. At any rate, there is a commun factor which is ATTACHMENT for which LETTING GO seems to be the only way out.

    Beyond fatalism and fantasy exists a great number of shades as varied as the rainbow might be or more if you accept that there is much more to the spectre of light than meets the eye and that our perception is therefore very limited. Therefore it takes a lot of guts to let go. But it's the only way if we ever want to be able to fly away. The shocking realisation that nothing nor no-one outside ourselves can ever provide the wholeness and the connection we're all after but might, at best, lead us closer or, at worst, further away.


    By letting go we do not break apart. We end the resistance. Sometimes it is more disconnected to be closer. Like two magnets faced the wrong way. When you cannot force them together, when you cannot flip them, iIt feels like a failure. It feels like a loss. It feels like the desperate incapacity to be… together. At times like this, you have to let go of how you want it to be.

    Life is relationships. If you look at it, in a contrasting environment where individuation exists, life is nothing but a collection of relationships. You have a relationship with your work. You have a relationship with your thoughts. You have a relationship with your desires. You have a relationship with your friends. You have a relationship with your partner. You have a relationship with the things in your house. All a spiritual teacher or luminary is therefore is a person who teaches relationships. This makes it all the worse when as a spiritual teacher; one of your own relationships goes in a direction that you would not choose for it to go.


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