• Are Dream Dictionaries Friend Or Foe?

    Article by Linda Yael

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    When we have a strange or wonderful dream, we want to know “what does it mean?” when we awaken. Sometimes our dreams are bizarre, “hallucinations without drugs” types, and sometimes they are full of everyday things put together in strange or unusual combinations. Many people have the urge to grab the nearest dream dictionary off the shelf and look up what it means to dream about horses, or lemons, or typhoons. This is perhaps the most frequently asked question–What are my dreams trying to tell me?  This is a topic of almost endless inquiry.

    A dream is a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul.

    ~ Erich Fromm

    Dreams are very personal—they are idiosyncratic to the dreamer. What does this statement mean? We all dream in our own lexicon of symbols and images. In other words, the meaning of each character, landscape, and object in our dreams has its own meaning to us, our own set of associations.


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