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    I'm on a roll! I'm on a roll! This time I feel my luck could change.”1 Whether you're Irish or not, today is the day to go green like all the people around the world who want to brighten up their day and celebrate the imminent coming of the Spring equinox. Green is also the colour of the famous Shamrock, a symbol of Ireland which, according to an old legend, can break a spell cast by an evil spirit and bring luck. In truth, the three-leaf clover symbolises the Holy Trinity as taught by Saint Patrick (today is the anniversary of his death) to the Ancient Pagans of the Emerald Island. “Kill me Paddy!2 Kill me again with love! It's gonna be a glorious day.



    1. "Lucky", Radiohead (1997)
    2. For the occasion, I took the liberty to substitute Paddy to Sarah in the original Radiohead lyrics (see above note).
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