• Greta Thunberg Wants You To Be Scared & Big Business Will Make a Killing off It

    Article by Arjun Walia

    Available in English

    Another very long article which took me several days to translate in French (while the less conscientious and more concerned about generating traffic would rather use a translation software program — I tested a certain number of these and it was a disaster — this is not the way I like to work, I am too dedicated and put myself so much in what I do to produce smooth and pleasant reading, it would hurt to present you with some shoddy work). I wish so much I could have the same mastery of English and offer my non French speaking readers the same quality reading. I also wish I had enough time to translate everything I write in French, though my love of language has raised the challenge a bit too high as most of the stuff I write would be meaningless once translated. Believe me, this is so frustrating.

    One special mention goes to the occasional cursory reader, proponent of the single mindset, ready to judge a book by its cover and label me an enemy of the planet (sic) without ever scratching the surface first (and god knows they are many, which, in my own opinion, is actually the real impending disaster threatening this planet), please read this copy-pasted conclusion from the author of the article which epitomises my personal view of the environmental issue:

    We are not denying climate change, we are simply presenting the evidence showing that climate change has been happening for a long time, and that human CO2 output doesn’t seem to play a significant role at all, and that this is simply being used for profit, control, and to take more ‘power’ away from the people and put it into the hands of politicians and the global financial elite. This is not about the planet.

    To these people, I won't tell what they could figure out for themselves by going through the trouble of digging in (rather than wasting so much energy denigrating on the basis of misconceptions and unfunded arguments), namely that individually, I probably do much more for the planet than they who spend their time lecturing others. Should we do a carbon count, I'm not sure their ego would enjoy the comparison! Fortunately, we're not that dumb — at least, I am NOT — I have enough on my plate dealing with my own ego which even though better mannered still can be quite challenging at times ;)

    Coming back to the topic at hand, as Tatiana Ventôse rightly points out in a video (in French) entitled "What's wrong with Greta Thunberg?", we have good reasons to question the many strange facts “in her path to notoriety, in the way and speed with which she found herself propelled to her role of prophetess of doom, foretelling our imminent death from summit to summit, unless we start panicking [...] It would appear she is being sold to us as another manufactured commercial product targeting those who are quite concerned about global warming.

    Tatiana also explains how she browsed through the comments below articles dealing with Greta Thunberg:

    The least you can say is that she raises many questions. It would be too easy to argue back that Greta Thunberg critics are all offensive haters and climate sceptics. All in all, abusive posts are common place on the Internet, but what I mostly saw were comments such as ”poor girl”, “irresponsible parents instrumentalising their diseased child”.

    What I've read raised more doubts than anything else, not so much raising doubts about the reality of the environmental crisis or even challenging the genuineness of Greta as an activist, but raising question marks about the way this kid suddenly, magically ended up attending every international climate summit and making grand speeches and having her picture taken with the worst enemies of the planet.

    Tatiana has also released two more videos (in French) about the political hijacking of environmental issues:

    - Greta Thunberg - When Hysteria Overcomes Debate
    - Macron's Strategy to Hijack Environmentalism

    And as part of the climate issue that emerged as the natural focal point of most of my posts this month, stay tuned for more related articles in the upcoming days and weeks.


    Eva Bartlett spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East, especially in Syria and occupied Palestine, where she lived for nearly four years in becoming one of the world’s most prominent journalists. Scrolling through her twitter feed reveals thought-provoking messages that can really help us further our understanding about what’s really happening on our planet, especially with regards to geopolitics.

    Her posts are heavily censored by social media giants and search engines like Google because the information directly opposes fake narratives that are constantly spewed by mainstream media at the behest of their puppet masters, among them the Western intelligence agencies. A great example would be what’s happening in Syria, as many of her posts greatly expose networks like CNN and the BBC for reporting and spreading information that is completely fake. She backs up her tweets with proof and credible sources, not to mention that she goes directly to the places where she reports from.

    She isn’t the only one. Several insiders have joined the quest for truth. For example, William Arkin, a longtime well known military and war reporter who is best known for his groundbreaking, three-part Washington Post series in 2010 has gone public outing NBC/MSNBC as completely fake government run agencies. You can read more about that here.

    Then there is Riam Dalati, a well known BBC Syria producer who recently put out a tweet stating that the supposed gas attacks in Douma were “staged.” You can see that and read more about it here.


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