• Drifts

    Poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français

    © M. Matuszak

    Hues and cries
    Over the flying gull
    Floating upwind
    Towards the mast tower
    Never dripping encores
    Until the squid-ink has dried out.

    Riding the breaker,
    Skimming the sea,
    Drifting afloat,
    Blurred words
    In a pint of bitter.
    Afraid to go for a dip,
    The castaway gets drowned.

    Sunk, stranded
    Down in the hold,
    Crashed by the waves
    Over and over again,
    Battered by the swell,
    Eager for a change of course,
    To approach new horizons,
    Incorporeal and waveless,
    And no more scuttling
    Sirens for figureheads.

    Take the helm,
    Sail high,
    Check out the waters,
    And come what may!


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