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    Message by Anonymous Official transcribed by Ey@el

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    Last year, on Christmas Day, Anonymous released this message on YouTube to remind us that, in spite of all the gloom and doom of this world, we can still change the game. Provided we consent to open our eyes and stop choosing to see only what best suits us — that is, assuming that the powers that be are stronger than us and that there's nothing we can do about it. So convenient. This rules out any guilt or remorse. This is the way things have always been and always will (What do you know apart from what you've been told? Were you or have you been there?). This is the flimsiest of excuses, inspired by fear and apathy, both cleverly nurtured by the Matrix. Proxy lives, celebrity worship, escapism at any cost.

    If you're scared, take the first step, get out of your comfort zone and you'll be surprised to see how resourceful and courageous you can be. If you're tired of everything, hold on to any sparkle within that could wake you up (whether real or imagined, knowing that the former leads to the latter and inversely). Feel it, feed it, and watch it grow. As for fear, only the first step will require your effort. Remember that while you've been deceived by reality outside, the same applies within. You are not what your ego would like you to believe. You are so much more and better. Thereupon, the snowball effect should also apply to the world. For the only way to bring change to the outside is to bring change within.

    Nobody can change the world on their own, but everyone can change on their own and when enough snowflakes have transformed, the 100th one will make the snow stick so the avalanche can start. And it seems that, ultimately and in spite of the ever-increasing efforts of the mainstream media to paint everything black, we shall soon redesign the whole set in white.

    Please note that due to lack of time, I've only transcribed Anonymous's message and left out the various excerpts illustrating their point.


    Greetings citizens of the world, we are Anonymous!

    Contrary to what you may believe, life as you know it is a lie. Your society is a cage, your jobs are voluntary slavery. The television you watch is designed to keep you incapable of critical thought and the very freedom and democracy your leaders claim to stand for is nothing but an illusion.

    Under the guise of morality, your government sells weapons to the very countries that they claim to protect you from, lining their pockets with the spoils of war — billions made by the death of millions. They continue to invest in a flawed system that supports a dying economy, creating poverty and crime. They create laws and legislations that contradict our Constitution and take away our right to be a free-thinking member of the human race. And you are too blinded by the culture they have created for you to take any real notice or make any real change.

    Anonymous is not blind. Anonymous has seen everything. For years, we have been a force for good on this battlefield, fighting for our basic rights as the dominant species of this planet protesting in peace, spreading the truth — a bloodless conflict. But now it appears that the day we have been waiting for is at last upon us and the time to act is NOW.

    The Western government talks of a New World Order. They build their FEMA concentration camps ready to detain thousands of Americans without trial for speaking out against corruption. They move to censor the Internet, the one place freedom of speech truly exists, taking away our right to learn. They weaken our democracy every day, tightening their grip until they have complete control. And these actions are confirming the fears of the Zionist enemy, forcing their hands and bringing us ever closer to nuclear extinction.

    And yet you occupy public places in peaceful protests while others even choose to do nothing. Doing nothing in this crucial year is dangerous. If the recent defeat of soap at the hands of Anonymous has taught us anything it's that yes, it is time for a new world order. But it is a new world order of people NOT the government. Gone are the times you can sit and watch from the sidelines. Done are the times you could live in ignorance. NOW is the time to fight.

    We have the tools to build a whole new system where corruption will be wiped clean, leaders will have the best interests of the people, and you The West will have your first taste of true freedom. It is not too late to act but time is short. Living behind closed eyes is not an option anymore because they will draw first blood. They do not have the capability to fight real people power. We must unite and we must take action. There will be a time and a place where every Anonymous will be called upon to destroy that cancer that exists in our leadership and when that day comes we will show them that they are truly legion.

    If you cannot fight, use your critical thought. This is what they desperately want to take from you. Do not let them. Do not accept conventional thought, question everything and most importantly, spread this message. We have a genuine chance of change but every free man, woman and child must stand united and declare “I am a human being and you cannot take my right to be free”.

    And to those who had silenced our voices, Anonymous knows who and what you are. Anonymous has always known. Anonymous is not so easily brainwashed by television and celebrities and we will be there when you fall. When you are finally exposed for the monsters you really are, we will be there. When the people you tried to control storm your buildings and drag their dictators through the streets, we will be there. When generations of secret scheming, planning and conspiring are burnt to ash and buried, we will be there. When you realise you have failed, we will be there.

    You are no match for us. You never were. There are more of us than you know. There are more of us than anyone knows and every day our numbers grow stronger. We are Anonymous, we are legion. We can forgive though we shall never forget...

    Transcribed by Ey@el
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