• The most beautiful way to stop a bully I've ever seen

    Article by Joe Martino

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    Bullying – something that happens far too often to us (or by us) as we grow up. When we’re young we almost don’t realize the impacts of it. We don’t put two and two together, or have the knowledge and understanding to realize that something we say to someone today could affect them forever.

    The lasting effects of bullying aren’t the result of being weak or unable to move beyond the names we are called, but can rather be attributed to the fact that often we don’t have the tools or the know-how to pick ourselves up after we have fallen. After all, our society does not see a profit in that kind of personal strength, and so attention to such skills and tools fall behind the lines and numbers that train us to become cogs in a machine. We’re then left to figure it out for ourselves, if we have the time, wisdom, or support around us to make it happen.


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