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    Quality perfumes are not only very expensive, but most of them contain harmful chemicals such phtalates and glycol, both infamous endocrine disrupters (which affect your thyroid and reproductive organs). Basically, you pay a fortune to get poisoned and pollute the atmosphere, whereas a perfume is normally supposed to provide well-being and raise your spirits (and not designed to mask odours — for that, use soap and shower instead).

    So here is a recipe to make your own sweet and delicate woody fragranced eau de toilette suitable for both men and women. All this for a much lower cost, pollutant-free, and with genuine well-being effects as an added bonus.


    Makes 50 ml :

    - 50 ml organic denaturated surgical spirit
    - 50 drops amyris EO
    - 35 drops Atlas cedar EO
    - 20 drops rosewood EO
    - 50 drops benzoin EO


    Transfer spirit into a glass spray bottle and add all other ingredients. Shake to stir well and leave to stand for at least 4 weeks in a cool dark place to allow the fragrance to infuse. Shake the bottle now and then.

    NOTE: If you find the fragrance doesn't stay long enough, leave it to stand longer and always make sure you shake the bottle before use. You may substitute Ho Wood for rosewood oil (more expensive) as they have quite similar fragrances. Same as for amyris which can be replaced with sandalwood (although amyris is much cheaper). Benzoin is what provides a warm, spicy, vanilla-like scent but it is also used as a perfume fixative.

    You're now all set to captivate wood spirits!


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