• Natural Health is a Silver Bullet to Medical Vampires

    Article by Jon Rapporport

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    © David Dees

    It turns out that unvaccinated children aren’t little time bombs walking around ready to blow and spread devastating disease in their wake.

    That’s a myth. It’s told by the medical cartel, for their own obvious reasons.

    And it turns out that children raised in a healthy way are strong, and have strong immune systems.

    This was once viscerally known and understood and accepted as a truism.

    Those who insist on 50 or 60 shots of germs and toxic chemicals for every child, like it or not, are participating in an ongoing criminal enterprise.

    Their vision is unnatural and perverse.

    It turns out that stimulating the production of antibodies—which is the purpose of vaccines—is not the be-all and end-all of existence. It isn’t the road to health. It isn’t an automatic lease on life.


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