• How to Access the Creative Potential of the Mind

    Article by Frank M. Wanderer

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    We have all heard that we humans do not utilize the full capacity of our brains, and that only a fragment of the forces of our Mind are used in our daily lives. The full utilization of the potentials of our Mind would, however, add to our personality an immense creative force. The question therefore arises, how we are able to access the creative forces of our Mind?

    In the Captivity of the Mind

    The creative force of the Mind is only accessible in the present moment, in the here and now. We need to live in the present time and concentrate our energies to the actual moment in order to be really able to live our lives to the full, to be present in life, and to access the creative forces of the Mind. We are only able to enjoy the happiness and pleasure of the actual moment in the present. If our Mind is roaming the paths of the past or the future, the opportunities that are open to us in the present moment will close down and we will be unable to access the creative forces of the Mind. Instead, we will find ourselves in the captivity of the Mind.


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