• How social media can make you feel worse and slow you down

    Article by Laura Marie


    These last years, we have all noticed and been part of this huge “social medias boom” that took part in each and everyone of our lives. We can say it has totally changed the way we live. Even if I find tremendous positive aspects about social medias (connecting with people we wouldn’t have known otherwise, getting real time information, sharing with the whole world…), I find that it can also cause serious problems, when it comes to social media and internet addiction.In fact, for the first time in 2013, “Internet addiction” has been recognized as a classified mental illness by scientists and psychologists.

    This addiction starts younger and younger, it can start as young as 12 years old. Internet can be a way to escape our reality; we use it to calm our emotions or to get some, and to influence our mood, we think it’s going to make us feel good. Most internet addicts have completely lost their sense of balance, between their “offline” life and their “online” one.


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