• Five ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Were Validated in 2021

    Article by David Heller

    2021 has seen some dramatic events in governments’ attempts to “combat COVID.” What was once considered paranoid theories, science-fiction, or ideas from the movies, have become a part of life over the past year. In 2020 we experienced lockdowns, mass testing, and face masks – and so it continued in 2021. But 2021 saw the emergence of new anti-COVID measures and new revelations that vindicated what some called conspiracy theories, previously relegated to the fringes on the web.

    Vaccine Passports

    Vaccine passes or immunity passports were once dismissed as paranoid conspiracy theories that would never be implemented domestically in free societies. But as we learned in 2021, numerous politicians and policymakers first dismissed the idea, only to change direction and impose the invasive and controlling mechanism - under the guise of wanting to open up society from the lockdowns they previously imposed. Despite the lack of an ethical and epidemiological basis for such an idea, vaccine passes swept the world in 2021. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson opposed domestic COVID passes at the start of the year, and implemented them by the end of the year. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau also opposed vaccination passports calling them “divisive” at the start of the year and later embraced them. A similar story played out across much of the developed world, what was once written off as a conspiracy theory is now government policy.


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