• Dream Analysis (and how to do it)

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    Article by Anne Davin

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    Are you missing some of the most important messages of your life?

    In almost every culture across time, there has been a place of value for the imaginal world, meaning that the invisible force behind all of this visible life has generally been considered animate. It is this force that surges through everything as existence itself – the raven, stars, you and me – and within it lies intelligence.

    For the ancients, dreams were supernatural communications or a means of divination, god speaking to you through symbol, experience, and narrative inviting you to bring its message into consciousness. These messages guided kings, pharaohs, and commoners alike. Some societies had designated healers who only did “curings” prescribed by a medicinal dream. The stuff we consider woo woo and superstition was the most highly valued and regarded intelligence for our ancestors.


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