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    Most often, I draw inspiration for my captions and writings from the graphics I design, following unconscious pathways. I seldom know where I'm heading to when I set out on my creative journey. And I love so much this exciting side of creation when you surprise yourself with the outcome, never having a clear idea where it's going to take you. Only just this once, I knew precisely what I wanted to convey visually to illustrate a dream I'd recently had and which had a profound impact on me.

    My dream

    At the beginning, I'm standing on my own on the deck of a trawler on the open stormy sea under dead-end leaden skies. Your typical near apocalyptic great flood scene à la Perfect Storm with George Clooney. I'm struggling to hold on to the railing not to get washed away and stay the course (not everyone can be Florence Arthaud even in dreams!). After a while, tired of not getting any response to my crying for help, I loosen my grip and eventually get thrown off by some tidal wave just as the boat starts sinking beneath the tormented waves. Whooper swans — black at first then white later on — are flying over me. One of them grabs me with its beak and lifts me up out of water... then drops me. Splash! No, please, don't swear: instead of drowning to my death, I find myself flying. Just like Peter Pan! I have grown great white wings. I think this is when the swans that were black at first as I said become white.

    Archetypes and meaning

    I'm not quite sure yet of the true meaning of this dream, but it appears to be quite positive in relation to the great distress I'm actually experiencing in my daytime life. This message sounds all the more relevant since in my astrological birth chart, my hot spot would be my Aries Moon trining my Fire Mars in Sagittarius and squaring angular Jupiter in Cancer (lunar sign), all pointing to a great explosive emotional power which can easily go out of control. A sore point seemingly awoken by the heavy transits of both Pluto and Uranus most recently joined by Saturn.

    According to Betty Bethards's wonderful Dream Book and Symbols I'm often referring to (see Related articles), the ocean would be the “sea of life; enormous emotional energy to be respected and used wisely. Source of [our] life force. When lost at sea, [we] are overwhelmed by emotions.

    The storm can be likened to an “emotional downpour; many inner changes taking place; cleansing, purification. Suppressed emotions, fears, anxieties have surfaced. Release of frustration. Things look darkest before the storm. After the clearing, [we] will feel renewed.

    As for the boat, it represents our “emotional self. If at the helm [we] are in control. If sinking [we] are allowing [our] emotions to pull [us] under, so [we should] take a good look at what is pulling [us] down in day to day living. Through self-examination, making positive choices, [we] can change negative emotional trips.

    Finally, the swan is a symbol of “beauty, grace, purity; ability to glide over emotional waters, yet soar to new heights. Perception, freedom, peacefulness of soul. On top of emotions. If black swan, the mystery of the unknown; appealing, yet not understood.

    Wings as you might guess stand for “freedom. Soar to new heights. No limitations. Through awakening spiritual consciousness there is nothing [we] cannot achieve.

    While white, of course, is the colour of “truth, purity”.

    I'll go as far as my dreams will take me
    At the end of my senses.
    At the far end of my dreams.

     "Au bout de mes rêves", Jean-Jacques Goldman (1982)

    Well, I hope this self-analysis of my subconscious messaging will make you want to take an interest in your own dream scenarios. Your nightlife is as precious as your day to day life, so why ignore it? You have no idea how many great decisions my dreams inspired me to take!



    • "Lace" by Faestock
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    • The Dream Book: Symbols For Self-Understanding, Betty Bethards, Element Books Inc., 1995

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