• Your horoscope for 2017 (2)

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    Libra: The world's too heavy on your shoulders. If you're
    worried about losing your balance, ask for help.

    Scorpio: Your self-destructive tendencies will eventually
    catch you up. Don't be such a masochist.

    Sagittarius: A freedom-lover, you will not stand anyone trying
    to rein you in. Don't get on your high horse.

    Capricorn: You never let anyone stand in your way.
    Still, try not to set your sights too high.

    Aquarius: While focusing on the big picture, you may turn your
    back on some details. Take care not to damp anyone's spirits.

    Pisces: You do feel lonely at times, like you're going round in
    circles. Emerge from your bubble.


    NOTE: These horoscopes are pure fantasy. Therefore any self-fulfilling prediction would be totally coincidental.

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