• Your horoscope for 2017 (1)

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    Aries: Your basic attitudes can be freaky sometimes.
    Watch out for headlocks.

    Taurus: Your rock-solid stability is what makes you a good
    friend to lean on. Carpe diem.

    Gemini: Frozen by existential angst, you are in danger
    of taking root. Stop vegging out.

    Cancer: Too set in your armour, you can't see the soft spot
    someone has for you. Don't shield yourself.

    Leo: You really seem to have a bone to pick with everybody.
    Don't be so foul-mouthed.

    Virgo: Stuck in your rigid mindset, you're on the verge of
    bradycardia. Don't be so stone-faced.


    To be continued: more signs tomorrow...


    NOTE: These horoscopes are pure fantasy. Therefore any self-fulfilling prediction would be totally coincidental.

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