• Year In Year Out

    Animation & poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français

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    Dodgy, fucked up days of yore
    Under misspells — such a bore
    Indecent blood
    From iron to green
    Earth year downing on Earth.

    From fast asleep to wide awake
    The goo and the bad years at stake
    Goofed the head-start
    Laughed its arse off — damn it!

    Stolen, ripped-off — years of gunk,
    Bogged down like gulls in the junk,
    Gushing out in agony.

    Feary, stressful years — inconsiderate
    Foully, fishy, smell a rate
    Mark-off year ticking off
    Takes jabs and shots
    By hook or by crook — the scumbag!

    Mug years for all the muggers
    Riff-raff, buggers,
    Mishap years of crap.
    Gosh! New Year's a bleeder
    Gash cracked open and cured

    Sweet year to the ear
    Unchains the dark
    (No more chickening out)
    Saves us from the Night years.

    “Pass it on” says the Fearless year
    To the Merry year.
    “Long live life
    All year long!”


    NOTE: This is more a variation than an accurate translation of the original in French, as you can imagine all these puns being literally untranslatable (and the other way round). But I certainly do enjoy a good challenge sometimes.

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