• Wild Tales Of Global Warming

    Pictures by Marinus captioned by Ey@el

    Original en français

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    Flaky chilly Easter,
    Frozen silly feaster!

    “Come on baby light my bonfire”
    Sang the penguin on Midsummer's Eve.

    Come August, boo caribou,
    Owly Spirit gets so low.

    The Beatles having slept off
    All summer long
    Found themselves much put off
    When the blizzard came along.


    When I get cold,
    I fancy a French summer —
    A perfect summer
    Where anything could do as a warm-up
    Sorry for the national frost,
    Such a hellish weather —
    Slow death on the way!


    NOTE: In the hope that Messrs de la Fontaine and Sirkis will forgive any deviation from their own words.

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