• Why Anger & Fighting Will Not Bring Down The Control Mechanism

    Article by Joe Martino

    As it is becoming more and more obvious that there is a clear control mechanism behind the curtain on this planet, who are manipulating aspects of our experience for their own benefit, there are many souls who are beginning to notice this and in a way, are beginning to do something about it. The souls appear to be falling into a few different groups:

    • The group who still doesn’t see the control mechanism in place.
    • The group who sees it, is angry, judgmental, fearful and who wants to fight it.
    • And the group who sees it and wishes to see it change by letting go of the need for the elite control by not buying into the structures they enforce.

    The first two are who I wish to gear this article towards as these are the ones continuing to reinforce it in some ways by the actions they take.


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