• Where the streets have funny names

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    Pictures by unknown authors captioned by Ey@el

    Original en français

    Unnamed Street: I imagine that neither the houses on this street do
    have numbers. So much fun for the postman!

    Slippery Cobble Street: Previously called Wet Causeway Street, it had to
    be renamed in May '68 after all the cobbles (except one) had been taken off.

    Lighter Way: One of the only places in town not having
    any lights at night. I wonder why...1

    Fool Galore Street: Just as its name suggests, it's a stupid street.2



    1. ^ The signpost on the right says “Fire Access”.
    2. ^ “Pavée d'andouilles” also means “covered with andouilles” which are sausages made of chitterlings.
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