• What You’re Supposed to Think vs. What You Think

    Article by Jon Rappoport

    © David Dees

    Another article which comes just at the right time. Like about much everything in my life in fact. For the last couple of years, after I ceased being “comatose”, I've been feeling as if I were Hop-o'-My-Thumb and now I wouldn't go back the other way for the world. Because I'm no longer afraid of ogres. Neither of the Big Bad Wolf nor the Grim Reaper. Actually, the three Little Pigs, dumb as a bag of hammers, or Little Red Riding Hood and her senile grandma with her jars of pasteurised GMO butter, would be more likely to freak me out. At least, predators are intelligent creatures. But sheeple are stupid. As a matter of fact, I never got why the Little Prince wanted the aviator to draw him a sheep. I, for one, would agree to drop the whole shipment on his little tiny planet — that certainly would overpopulate it! So, as I was saying, this article is ideal to set the record straight. It reminded me of the mind-blowing, disgustingly naive “Je suis Charlie” phenomenon that went viral earlier this year as it was echoed by all blogs all over the world. Let it be said that I am NOT and NEVER will be Charlie for the very reason cited here by Mr. Rappoport and on top of what David Icke and a few others already said, as well as my personal stance on the issue (see Related articles).


    I could trace my 30 years of investigative reporting as one long project emanating from what people are supposed to think.

    What they’re supposed to think about nuclear weapons, pesticides, medical drugs, vaccines, presidential elections, major media, the CIA, US foreign policy, mega-corporations, brain research, collectivism, surveillance, psychiatry, immigration…

    In each case, there are a set of messages broadcast to the population. These messages are projected to replace what people would think on their own, if left to their own devices.

    And in many cases, these messages have the same underlying theme: feel unlimited sympathy.

    Feel unlimited sympathy or else.


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