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    Like on most other platforms, here on Eklablog, it is now possible to reply to comments (rather than posting after the last comment) so as to have several threaded discussions on the same article without having to specify who you're addressing. The downside is you won't receive an email alert when you get a reply. Many complain about it but don't expect any remedial action for the moment. If you don't want to check pages regularly, the next best thing is to subscribe to the RSS feeds of relevant pages (the link is located just above the comment form). That said, I, for certain, always try to respond just after validating comments lest I forget (except when I'm in a hurry).

    Resetting the balance between Moliere and Shakespeare

    I know readers of the main blog in French can't really see it, but since the latest adjustments I made this summer, I've been working hard behind the scenes. While you may have noticed a few cosmetic details like rounding the angles to make bubbles or adding a couple of links for those too lazy to search and who couldn't find them anymore, the major work has been carried on here, on the English version, where all external links have been converted to local pages. These are mostly excerpts to let you decide if you wish to follow the original links to pursue your reading for, I'm sorry, I didn't have time to copy-paste them in full neither to include all graphics and endnotes or translate all my intros. Overall, most original articles in French have now been translated/rewritten in English. So have a couple of French lyrics and all the captions accompanying my graphics. The remainder should come later, all depending on my availability (except for the untranslatable articles in the Dysphasia section).

    Practise does it

    So you see, less articles doesn't mean I'm losing interest or doing nothing. Far from it! I wanted to point that out lest some people get the wrong idea. Somehow a good opportunity to set the record straight.

    Once a doctor told me “Oh, you're bilingual? How lucky you are!” Yep, indeed so lucky I am! What about her? Did she get her medical degree out of a cereal box? How lucky! Sorry, luck has nothing to do with it. I worked hard. There's no magic formula. Talent, skills, abilities may be bonuses, yet you still need to get off your ass and use them.

    Same goes for everything else. Even physical appearance is not just a matter of luck. I work on mine by eating more healthily, exercising and trying to become a better person inside, for no matter what you believe, it is a fact that our thoughts forge matter and alter our genes (check the many related articles dealing with this particular topic). Be young in your head, never become blasé about anything and age won't catch up with you so quick — a word of advice for everyone whatever their age since I am so lucky work hard to attract such a cross-generational readership (for I've known some twenty-something that went straight from teenagers to elderly). As for those embittered ones who don't realise how conditioned their beliefs are and who might argue that such principles run completely contrary to taking responsibility, my answer would be: “Nonsense! No way!” Rather offensive to young people, I'd say. I don't want to get involved into an argument here. Simply, why don't you try instead of protesting? For as Einstein pointed out, “Insanity means doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Practical help required

    Talking about practice, I'd need your help to report (via comments, email or PM) any dead link you may encounter while browsing the Pensieve, for although the greatest care is taken in editing articles, I sometime miss out on little details and considering the great number of pages already available (double now), never mind the many links they may contain, I can't possibly check them all one by one. Same applies to some embedded videos removed by their authors or made private for which it is sometimes possible to find alternative sources. My aim is that the informations available on this blog may be accessible on a long term basis. Thanks for your cooperation.

    Have a good read and keep well in your minds and in your hearts,


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