• What It Could Mean When You’re Driving In Your Dream

    Article by Keala Noel

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    I'm used to dream I'm driving a car that's not mine and experiencing a curious sense of freedom mixed with both impunity and fear for knowingly treading forbidden paths, probably because in “real life”, I neither own a car nor a driving licence. Constantly aware I might get arrested by the police, I often take separate circuitous routes. A bit like what my everyday life tastes like, rebelling against the Matrix and refusing to conform with its unnatural standards and dictates, all in breach with universal laws. These are usually dreams indicating I'm on the right track in contrast with all those train rides (always sitting with my back to the opposite direction of travel), sometimes missing the next stop or the train. Or those dreams  where I'm in the tube, getting lost in the lonely subways, stuck at the terminal, caught up in a flood or desperately trying but failing to reach my destination. A good ten years ago, I had a significant dream like something out of an Hollywood scene from the War of The Worlds movie (adapted from the famous short story by H.G. Wells starring Tom Cruise and which I saw much later on) in which I was riding against traffic on a one-lane motorway, where all the cars caught in a traffic jam were being crushed by some kind of gigantic road roller from above. There was blood splashing everywhere, leaving some scarlet gooey pulp on the tarmac behind, while pressing the accelerator, I was racing to the East of Eden! Some blatantly clear symbolism there, still quite upsetting.


    Often you will dream about being in a car. It is important to notice who’s driving the car, as a car represents your “drive” in life or how your propel yourself from the present time toward your future. If you are not driving, notice the position in the car where you are sitting. If you are in the front passenger seat, whoever is driving the car represents the drive in your life. If you know this person, describe their personality in three words, such as “Judith is quiet, responsible, and squeamish.” That is the adopted program that is driving your life in this dream. You are riding shotgun to your own life.

    I used to have dreams of not even having a car, but sort of a skateboard apparatus that I propelled with my hand. Needless to say, that was not a good thing. I was driving myself fist over fist — not an easy way to travel through life.


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