• What is the Schumann Resonance?

    Article by Trevor English

    As there has been much talk about Earth and vibrations on this blog lately — and since I had not posted anything yet about the Schumann resonance, the current significant increase of which seems to play a major role in our human condition, raising awareness and further increasing, on a daily basis, the contrast between those who are awake and the sleepwalkers —, I'd like to share an article for the general public which, as you will see, tends to dismiss such kind of correlations that, despite its claiming otherwise, have been scientifically proven, yet unacknowledged by the institutional minority.

    In this regard, those who wish to further their knowledge would be well advised to check the work of Nassim Haramein who is a researcher at the forefront of quantum physics or books by David Wilcock such as The Source Field Investigations.

    The Universe is all about energy, all about vibration from the microcosmos to the macrocosmos…

    ~ Albert Einstein

    The Schumann resonance is actually the vibration of Gaia whose frequency can be viewed as a tuning fork for life. As a matter of fact, some researchers who took over the work of Schumann, such as Dr. Ludwig, found a connection with Tao that would coincide “with the relatively strong YANG signal of the Schumann frequency which surrounds our planet and with the weaker YIN geomagnetic waves from within the Earth. Chinese wisdom considers that in order to achieve optimal health, there should be a balance between both. Humanity is dependent on these subtle signals from environmental energies, which are the Yin from below and the Yang from above.” (Source)

    Remember how last week, when replying to my question regarding the symbol on the cover of his album (see Related articles), Ed O'Brien (yes, him again!) explained that the divine feminine I saw in it was also the sign of Earth which has a YIN vibration. I didn't really make the connection until I began writing these lines and I now realise how the triangular shape is a perfect illustration of the energy flow taking source at the tip and spreading upwards.


    The Earth has been the focus of a massive amount of scientific studies over the years. From the shrinking ozone layer to the changes in our planet's magnetic field, there's plenty to keep researchers busy.

    One possibly surprising area of research is in the way the Earth acts like a giant electrical circuit. The atmosphere of the Earth is actually a weak conductor. If there was no source of electric charge for the atmosphere, its energy would dissipate in about 10 minutes – but it doesn't.

    The ionosphere is the region of the Earth's atmosphere that starts at around 50-100km above the surface and reaches upward for several hundreds of kilometers.

    Due to solar radiation, individual electrons are dislodged from otherwise neutral gas atoms in this region, creating positively charged ions. This makes the ionosphere conductive and able to trap electromagnetic waves.

    Between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere is a cavity containing a total electrical charge of 500K Coulombs. There is a vertical current flow between the ground and the ionosphere. The atmosphere has a resistance of 200 Ohms and a voltage potential of 200,000 Volts.

    Around the Earth, there are roughly two thousand lightning storms at any given period of time, producing around 50 flashes of lightning every second. This accounts for much of the measured flow in this electromagnetic cavity.

    But what does all this mean?


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