• What Does It Actually Mean To Be An “Artist?”

    Article by Andrew Barker

    Is an artist only the person who paints, plays an instrument, cooks or writes? An artist produces beauty by being apt in a certain skill. Living skilfully is living as an artist, and usually this action only operates for a few hours of the day. These few hours contradict the rest of living, in which there is monotony, disorder, conformity or conflict. So is this really an artist?

    A man who plays the guitar but keeps his eye on fame isn’t interested in his music, only exploiting this talent to be famous. The “me” becomes far more important than the music, and so it is with the painter or writer with their eye on money or status. These people are skilled in their particular fields, but it’s the rest of the vast field of life, which is disregarded.

    So how does one live a life of skill and beauty? Living is action, just as playing an instrument is, sculpting, weaving or writing. When this action breeds sorrow, friction, jealousy, greed or conflict it ceases to be skilful.


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