• What 2020 Has In Store For You (2)

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    Cancer: When the goats are away, the crab might eat.
    Food won't help untie the knots.

    Capricorn: You, lucky devil! All the planets will bend to
    your goats. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Leo: Uranus will make you act as if you'd had nails for breakfast.
    Watch out, you don't want to bite the dust.

    Aquarius : There's a risk of flooding. Uranus might be
    the last straw that breaks the watering can.

    Virgo: Your mind might get overwhelmed by Neptune's tides.
    Weep it out, you'll see more clearly.

    Pisces: All is well, easy pisce, the odds are in your favour.
    Time for some high flying while Neptune guards your waters.



    NOTE: These horoscopes aren't as wild as you would think. Therefore any self-fulfilling prediction would not be totally coincidental.

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