• Weird Fishes (Arpeggi)

    Music & lyrics by Radiohead

    All you sinners or lure fishing victims, there's no way you can avoid the fishies1 today, especially on a Friday2! Here's some weird “arpeggiesque” fishes from Radiohead's magical music tank — music that came to me at a most unexpected time, taming me gently over time and providing me with anything but positive inspiration. A jigsaw falling into place3.



    In the deepest ocean,
    The bottom of the sea,
    Your eyes —
    They turn me.

    Why should I stay here?
    Why should I stay?

    I'd be crazy not to follow,
    Follow where you lead.
    Your eyes —
    They turn me.

    Turn me on to phantoms,
    I follow to the edge of the earth
    And fall off.

    Everybody leaves
    If they get the chance
    A small chance.
    Not to get eaten by the worms
    And weird fishes...
    Picked over by the worms
    And weird fishes...
    Weird fishes...
    Weird fishes...

    Yeah I...
    I'll hit the bottom...
    Hit the bottom and escape.
    And I...
    I'll hit the bottom...
    Hit the bottom...
    Hit the bottom and escape.

    © Thom Yorke, 2007


    1. In France, Belgium, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada, 1 April tradition is known as “April fish” (poissons d'avril). This includes attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim's back without being noticed. This is also what we call the joke we make on the occasion.
    2. On A Friday was how the band called themselves before they changed their name to Radiohead from a Talking Head song.
    3. "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" is a song from In Rainbows from which this track also comes from.

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