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    Here come the liars
    Posing at pop-up gateways.
    Here come the preachers,
    To the living gods, the world is theirs.

    ♫ "Echo Ruby", Indochine (1996)

    I guess we can say that 2020 has not failed its promise as a mirror year and revealed, in catalytic fashion, the real nature of everyone, forcing us to show our true faces. How ironic. Cosmic humour. Always. And as they say, it's when the going gets tough that the best or worst potentials get uncovered. It's also a unique opportunity to find out who we really are and, if necessary, find the courage to reinvent ourselves (yep, it does take a lot of courage to confront your own ego).

    But don't go thinking we're over with this 'apocalyptic' year as it's drawing to a close and because so many immature souls would love to simply 'cancel' it. No, we're not done yet with 2020 for the apocalypse (which in ancient Greek means 'revelations') has still not happened, but is in the pipeline as indicated by the star configuration and what's going on behind the scenes which the corrupt mainstream media fail to report (if you drink dirty water, don't be surprised to suffer from mental diarrhoea).

    Besides, according to sacred numerology, December 2020 is a 16 universal month (12+4) corresponding to the Tower arcana of Tarot or, as French-Canadian numerologist Murielle Robert calls it, the Self-Liberating Awakening. The symbolism is clear enough: we must wake up now. While some of us are in for a rude shock, we must absolutely go through this in order to start afresh. In other words, the tower needs to be evacuated before knocking it down to rebuild on sound foundations. There's no point in clinging to old structures which no longer work. That is the message from the planets at the end of 2020, the last weeks of which are bound to be chaotic.

    Total Eclipse Of The Mind

    The moon is shameless and dark
    And I'm so scared of no longer seeing you.
    Wake me up from this coma...

    ♫ "Coma, coma, coma", Indochine (1996)

    In fact, December really began on 30th November with the lunar eclipse full moon on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of thought — which is rather significant when you know we are actually caught in the midst of a raging world war of information, bombarded with conflicting claims and distorted truths to create cognitive dissonance, the ultimate purpose of which literally is the control and lockdown of the human spirit.

    The lunar eclipse of early December will soon be followed by a total solar eclipse new moon in Sagittarius on Monday at 5:16 pm in France (11:16 am in Quebec) and will be visible from most parts of South America, South Africa, the Indian Ocean and Antarctic.

    Total solar eclipses new moons are usually powerful if not explosive lunations” explains Danielle Clermont. “Visually, total solar eclipses can be seen as impressive cosmic events, also a wee bit 'dramatic'. Astrology-wise, total solar eclipse new moons speed up time — they generally open new doors while closing others. During a total solar eclipse, it is common for sudden change to occur. Even though it may feel disturbing and 'shocking', it may also help us by speeding up necessary transformations.” (source).

    Eclipses can be seen as “cosmic wild cards in your life with the potential to lift you out of Kansas and drop you on the yellow brick road” as says Lorna Bevan, referring to the Magician of Oz. She also mentions you don't need to impose change on yourself from the outside as the eclipse will do it for you in its own perfect timing, depending on where 20-26 degrees Sagittarius are in your chart. “The exception is if you can feel something shifting or have one of those lightbulb moments, then go with it and go for it.” (source)

    Good thing since my great-uncle was from Kansas and this new moon falls in my 12th house of dreams and subconscious (even if the first is totally unrelated to the latter).

    To cut a long story short and avoid losing you in technicalities you won't understand unless you have a certain knowledge in astrology, let's say in this new rendezvous between the Sun and the Moon in the sign of the Centaur (higher thinking, philosophy, esoterics, religion, spirituality, belief systems), emotions will take over and there is a risk of great mental confusion with this triple Moon-Sun-Mercury conjunction squaring Neptune no longer retrograde in his home sign of Pisces (i.e. in full strength). But also because of the great karmic nature of this lunation on the South Node (past) sided by the Great Attractor1 and the Galactic Centre2.

    Fasten your seat belts, we're going to encounter turbulence!

    At this time, deception and trickery may be employed to try to create a fait accompli in order to block the change that many long for. Now, not only common sense is needed, but also the willingness to stand up with all clarity for an open and human future.” (source)

    For Danielle Clermont, the message is clear: “During this total solar eclipse, all the attributes of Sagittarius are likely to be 'distorted': expect excess and exaggeration; all kinds of disruption; arrogance, pride and vainglory; escape from reality; illusion and delusion.”

    Expect more revelations as chickens to come home to roost with all the usual accompanying media hype” also warns Lorna Bevan.

    It just happens that the Electoral College meets on the very day of the eclipse to decide who the new president ELECT of the United States will ACTUALLY be.

    Forever Conscious reminds us as well that this solar eclipse is directly linked to the lunar eclipse we had on 5th June — if you can remember what was called to be released from your life at the time. (source)

    Reset To Zero

    Tonight, tonight
    Heaven is bored and is calling on us
    Tonight, tonight
    Heaven invites us to a new life

    ♫ "Ce soir, le ciel", Indochine (1996)

    The other major astrological event of the end of 2020 is the winter solstice on the 21st, which is, as you know, the longest night of the year (or the shortest for those who live in the Southern hemisphere).

    However significant season changes are, especially solstices, as potent energy portals (hence the many pagan rites still celebrated for most or hijacked by the Church), the shift to winter this year will be a very special one as Saturn (tradition, authority) and Jupiter (expansion, justice) will be conjunct again no longer in Capricorn (conservatism) this time, but at 0° in Aquarius (innovation) whereas the Sun will merge with Mercury (communication) à 0° in Capricorn. I should point out that most astrologers consider zero as a critical degree because it is the transition threshold from one type of energy to another and the planets are like caught in the crossfire.

    While the simultaneity of a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction during a winter solstice is an extremely rare occurrence, “this time, the encounter of the two social planets takes place at 0° Aquarius. The conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter always occur in the same element for about 200 years. In the cycle now coming to an end, it was the element Earth. With the Great Conjunction in Aquarius, we are at the very beginning of a cycle in the element Air, and thus at the beginning of a significant shift in the collective orientation. Knowledge, communication and ideals will shape the next two centuries more than material possessions. We are now at the beginning of a new era. We will already be able to perceive the first, delicate effects next year.” (source)

    It is important to note that the last time the two generational planets met in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius dates back to the Middle Ages (1405, to be precise). And as an astrologer pointed out, “the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycles are viewed as cosmological portents of political and social change, such as the emergence of a new dynasty, nation, or the revelation of a great prophet.” (source)

    But there's more: this historical alignment on the winter solstice will also coincide with the conjunction of Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) with the Black Moon (second focus of the lunar orbit) at 6° in Taurus (materialism) to which the fantastic pair will form a hard aspect lasting over several weeks. Basically, it's just as if this deadly combination of Santa (Jupiter) and the Grinch (Saturn) would involve in an arm wrestling show of strength with the Great Awakener (Uranus) and Morticia (Black Moon)!

    How can we be the light?” asks Lorelai Kude. “With Jupiter/Saturn in idealistic, universalistic, humanitarian Aquarius, we don't just light our own candle. We reach across the aisle to light someone else's candle, and together we shine light into the darkest places—first within our own hearts, and then to the world we share.

    As Above So Below

    Up there on the starry sea,
    In my ship, I will be looking
    In space and galaxies
    For a place to land my satellite

    ♫ "Satellite", Indochine (1996)

    And in order to end the year in a blaze of glory, on 30th December, right before New Year's Eve, we shall have a full moon in Cancer (her own sign, which makes her even more potent).

    Danielle Clermont explains that during her period of influence which should extend from 28th December to 2nd January, “Cancer-related themes such as family and children; attachment to the past and to family; dependencies; hypersensitivity and hyper-emotionality; worries and insecurities; defensive behaviours, etc. — all should be exacerbated.

    So if you were relying on the festive season to provide a break, forget it. Better wake up right away and graciously. Stop turning a blind eye and acknowledge the inevitability of the situation: we've got our backs against the wall. It's too late to back down, but there's a way of overcoming the obstacle by rising above. Which, of course, will demand us to let go of our unnecessary burdens weighing us down.

    Enjoy your ride!



    1. ^ The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space at 14-17° Sagittarius — the most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe, it bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future. It is considered to be the seat of the Universal Source and cosmic balance.
    2. ^ Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades, located at 27° Sagittarius at the centre of the Milky Way. It is also known as the Great Central Sun or Galactic Centre as at its centre is a supermassive black hole which will suck up whatever is in the area.

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