• We'd Like Them to Know

    Music & lyrics by Ingrid Courrèges translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    I had promised you to share more pastiches by Ingrid Courrèges, so here is another adaptation of a song by Francis Cabrel written and recorded in just 24 hours as a protest against nonsensical (criminal) measures making face masks mandatory for children as from age six which like most of us, infuriated her.

    “To you, little guy stunned and out of breath in the playground. To you, parent who saw the fear and disbelief in the eyes of your child, with a knot of rage and helplessness in your belly. To you, grand-parent who refuse to serve as an excuse to wipe the smile off children's faces. To you, teacher coerced to implement these nonsensical measures” she wrote on her YouTube page, ending her dedication with a thumb down: “To you, leader who still cannot make the right decisions in the management of this crisis.”

    Ever since the song was released, back in November 2020, a collective of parents organised in local communities has formed in France to address their concerns regarding the ongoing dynamics ruining our daily lives and threatening our children and our basic individual freedoms. They even made a video to expose the abuse of the implemented token system where each child is forced to a careful and thorough management of their right to breathe and go to the bathroom.


    On voudrait leur dire

    Since they're coercing us
    And that from age six, the rules are the same
    We'd like them to know
    It feels like a Brown Morning
    Just one look
    At my mother distraught
    That a piece of fabric might suffocate me

    Since they tell us we're at war
    And that we are school soldiers
    We'd like them to know
    We're going to the battlefield
    To attend the smileless classes
    Somewhat dazed
    But all united
    We, the reckless contingent of the little ones

    Just some more additional limitations
    With far less joy
    Far less laughters
    Far less rights

    Since all the grown-ups have fever
    And we can't lip-read anymore
    While we're learning to read
    Words we cannot see
    Access to knowledge is expiring
    We are left aside
    To the sound of shackles
    In the playground with less air to breathe in

    They say it's to save grandma
    That my face is covered
    We'd like them to know
    That grandpa/grandma would rather let us breathe
    All these hugs we can no longer give them
    It's far less love, but it's for public health

    © Ingrid Courrèges & Florian Martinez, 2020

    Translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com


    • Brown Morning is a French fable, written by Franck Pavloff in 1998. The title is a reference to the infamous Nazi militia known as "Brown Shirts". This universal shortstory is against single mindset and what Pavloff calls "small compromises".

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