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    First of all, if you're in the habit of going through the front door instead of using the service entrance (much classier, isn't it), you certainly didn't fail to notice the new incredibly raving homepage featuring a detailed sitemap. I realised the previous one was a bit too long and rather boring. I did have a hard time finding puns in both languages, but certainly enjoyed the trouble!

    Axons and dendrites

    In addition, new readers snooping around to catch up or browse new articles at random may also have noted some changes in various sections. Actually, inspired by the pruning season, I trimmed here and there to facilitate navigation and daily index maintenance.

    So, instead of having virtual subcategories, I've created real ones to shrink lists and provide easier browsing with less scrolling. Naturally, it implies some RSS feeds may no longer be active and you'll need to unsubscribe and then subscribe again (I remind you that you may find those special RSS feed links at the bottom of each section or article you wish to follow).

    Neural migrations

    In a similar effort to reduce side menus, everything related to blog activities is now included in the Nooks and crannies whereas the names of other sections have been preserved.

    Both SNCExogenesis as well as guestbookcontact and newsletter subscription iconic buttons or forms have thus been added as proper entries within the Nooks and crannies.

    Neural tagging

    Last but not least: a new Soft spot module to share the music of virtually unknown artists you may (or may not) listen to why browsing through pages. If you like any of them, please, let us know by using the provided link as any comment will be much appreciated. Thank you very much on their behalf.

    Hope you have a good read and enjoy what you hear,


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