• Vegan Activist Beautifully Shows How To Consciously Inform People

    Article by Joe Martino

    Plant-based diets and veganism are growing very rapidly here in 2018. As copious amounts of information comes out about the unhealthy effects of animals products on our bodies, and as people realize and empathize with what we’re doing to our animal friends on this planet, it’s no wonder these things are growing.

    But these lifestyle changes didn’t get this popular on their own. People have been raising awareness about the damaging effects of animals products and how we’re treating them for decades. As younger generations witness the sickness older generations are now experiencing after a lifetime of eating the ‘old diet ways,’ they are beginning to ask questions about what we might want to adjust for greater health, vitality and quality of life.

    Activism about these topics can come in many forms, sometimes people are angry and aggressive, while other times they are at peace and simply sharing information from the standpoint of neutrality. For example, even in the space of so-called ‘conspiracies’ often times people are out yelling and screaming at others calling them stupid, asleep, sheeple etc. for not believing or knowing certain facts others might already know about controversial issues.


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