• Uniting The Sacred Masculine And Feminine

    Video by Lulumineuse transcribed & translated by Ey@el

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    At a time when the divide between men and women has never been so great and so fierce, and when, in addition, we are being (purposedly) confused about genres, it has never been so crucial to work on our Sacred (or Divine) Masculine and Femine. But once again, it's become a big thing and a great opportunity for all New Age gurus and self-proclaimed therapists alike to make a quick buck. At the end of the day, we all find ourselves a bit lost whereas it's rather urgent for us to find ourselves. For the only way we can expect to ever experience harmonious relationships with the outer world and contribute to make it change is by achieving inner balance and self-fulfilment. We have not incarnated in a dimension of duality to pick a side, but to find a balance between the two. Although this theme has already been featured here (see Related articles), it's never been presented in such a clear, practical and simple way as it is in this relevant extract from a interview with Lulumineuse from a couple of years ago I have transcribed and translated for you. You may view the original video (in French with no subtitles available) HERE.


    Men are not here to embody their Sacred Masculine no more than women are here to embody their Sacred Feminine. Men are the embodied manifestation of the Sacred Masculine, that is they are the manifestation of the Sacred Masculine, but unmanifested within them is the Sacred Feminine because you cannot have one without the other. It's always a balance.

    We are never one side of the coin, we are both. We are not man or woman only. If you're a man on this side, it means the other unmanifested side is the Sacred Feminine. And if you're a woman of that side, it means the unmanifested side is the Sacred Masculine.

    What is the Sacred Feminine? It's the cup, the ideas you'll get, imagination, intuition — it's the way we receive information. It's something intangible, invisible. The Sacred Feminine is the unmanifested. You cannot touch an emotion. You cannot touch an idea.

    The Sacred Masculine is materialisation. Which means that if I can touch these headphones, it's because someone had the IDEA (the Sacred Feminine within their cup) to MANIFEST these headphones. So this is the conjunction of Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. If I get the idea of making a cup of tea and if I get up and go make myself a cup of tea and now have a cup of tea in front of me, it means my cup of tea is the result of the UNION of the feminine of my IDEA and of the masculine of my CREATION of the idea I had.

    It's important to understand what is the Sacred Feminine we receive within us and manifest it with the Sacred Masculine, because that's how we fulfil ourselves. It's when you materialise your ideas that you hold your own in this life. It's not just big ideas for a project, it can be any TINY idea.

    The Sacred Feminine is not just all grace and beauty. It's everything you cannot touch and everything you can feel. And the Sacred Masculine is all you will be able to permeate, implant, create. The Sacred Feminine is CREATIVITY while the Sacred Masculine is CREATION.

    So men are expected to open up to their Sacred Feminine. And this is why there less men opening up and awakening because, unfortunately, within the actual codes of society, when a men opens up a bit too much to his Sacred Feminine, he will be perceived as poofy and unmanly. This is rubbish!

    And, for example, a woman who totally rejects her feminine side to embrace her masculine side will become a tomboy. Or a woman who is extremely empathic and at the same time tends to be superficial or a subdued and totally immersed in her feelings, might be incapable of taking charge. This kind of woman has difficulty embodying her masculine and will have to bring it out.

    We need to stop talking in terms of men and women and talk about principles. Man and woman are two principles. I invite you to check my video on divided principles (you may activated English subtitles — ED.).  Sacred Masculine and Feminine is the divided principle of a union when put together.

    Transcribed and translated from French by Ey@el
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