• Unconventional Ways To Say “I Love You”

    Article by Amanda Froelich

    © S. Hermann & F. Richter

    Have you ever peered into a friend, lover, or family member’s eyes and felt complete Oneness? It’s one of the best feelings that exists. Why? Because such an experience can only result after acknowledging that the person is deeply flawed yet, despite all of that, is still amazing.

    That feeling — that vibration — is our natural state. As embodiments and extensions of Spirit, we crave to receive unconditional love, as well as to share it with others. This is also why, despite relentless optimism and recycled promises of “never dating again,” we can’t help but fall in love with the idea of love itself and pursue it relentlessly.

    For those who are lucky enough to have found love, bask in it. Most importantly, take the time to remind those who are in your lives why they are so special, as well as why they make you incredibly, extremely happy.. If you need help figuring out innovative ways to say “I love you,” just look to the list below.


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