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    Night breaks, moon rises
    The worst nights
    Wretched sighs, damn mornings
    The worst mornings

    ♫ "Les Plus Mauvaises Nuits", Indochine (1992)

    Next Saturday at 2:49 pm BST is the time of the second full moon of this month of October. A 'Blue Moon' — which happens when we get two full moons in one calendar month — is a rare enough occurrence (hence the term 'once in a blue moon'), but particularly so when it falls on Halloween night — last time was in 1944.

    The Witch-Hunter Moon

    A couple of days prior to the presidential election in the United States, this highly symbolic epic night is most likely to bring about a major turning-point in the final battle of the spiritual war raging in the invisible worlds and affecting us all in the physical world in a more or less conscious way. Note the cognitive dissonance in all the Kafkaesque, counter-producing, conflicting measures and counter-measures; in all the official lies and informal truths; in all the denial and epiphanies; and in all the endless (anti/pro) divisions and sub-divisions where each and everyone is dying from asphyxiation in their own cataractous plexiglass bubble.

    I'm leaving it up to you to savour the fact that this Halloween 'Blue Moon' is also a 'Hunter Moon'. Its symbolism resonating both politically (as the colours of the two opposing parties) and esoterically (as the colours of air/mental realm vs. fire/spiritual realm). Especially when, in addition to being in the spotlight of the Sun hosted by Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, the lunar orb will join forces with Lilith, her own shadow and Uranus, the Father Sky, in a counterbalancing effort.

    Lorna Bevan from Waking World explains that this Halloween Full Moon across the polarity of Taurus and Scorpio (which in astrology represents tangible vs. intangible and material vs. spiritual) “is a reminder of the eternal Law of life and death, of impermanence and regeneration. The Great Awakener Uranus is conjunct the Moon in Taurus. This Uranus transit through Taurus is Universal Mind imploding into Matter — shocking your awareness back to your physicality, rattling your bones, your heart, your electric circuit. As it wakes from the trance coma of unconsciousness, your body is the carrier of your soul. The Awakener in Taurus — symbol of the Tree of Life — has all the makings of a resurrection of the highest order. During such an influx of deep space light, your embodiment experience needs constant grounding as Uranus stimulates change via electrical currents in the Nadis (energetic channels in which circulates the Prana or Vital Energy), acting as a lightning conduit for intuition sensory acuity, Knowing/Gnosis direct from the Noosphere (literally, 'mind-sphere' or Earth’s mental sheathe)”.

    The Awakening Of The Serpent

    Expect constant energy fluctuations as your body becomes electric and kundalini rises” she writes. “Paradoxically, this level of awakening requires so much sleep, essential to allow the rewriting of form to occur. Acclimatise to your new energy flow by attuning to whatever your body needs — perhaps a few knock-out days followed by very physically active ones. Drink lots of water.

    In my case, perhaps means 'surely, definitely'. I can even feel the flow of electricity and the vibrations coursing through my body, and my mind is a constant struggle to use as all the information is now diverted to other channels of communication. The great thing is that it can no longer distort messages and instil its own doubts, fear, and confusion. The downside, however, is that I have great difficulty communicating in the physical world and am constantly lost for words. I can't wait until we can all use telepathy!

    The karmic Chandra (Hindu moon deity) symbol of the Taurus full moon also resonates a lot with me. It depicts a large ruby inscribed with a prayer:

    A beautiful dream that comes true. Conceiving in your heart that a fresh life current is here to be met in the physical. Being magnetised to the spot where the New Earth arises. You feel deeply drawn to give yourself over completely to what the new life-wave asks. Sensing acutely that this is all that counts, and suffering for all of those who are shut off from the bounty. Knowing how hard it is to feel dejected and forsaken and never forgetting the ache, the longing, the distances, and what it takes to earnestly clasp new life and realise you belong to the heavenly kingdom in the Earth and will never again be out in the cold.

    ~ Elias Lonsdale, Inside Degrees

    Heaven And Hell On The Loose

    But wait, there's more. As mentioned, the Moon will align with her shadow, i.e. a virtual point corresponding to the second empty focal point of her elliptical orbit around the Earth, known as Black Moon Lilith. The orb is quite large, but the karmic overtone of this aspect should no less be felt. The Black Moon represents our quest for perfection. This is where we both experience suffering and repression, but also sublimation where we can grasp the deep finality of our existence. Her glyph is actually the combination of a moon crescent upon a cross representing the soul transcending physicality.

    It is thus very difficult to know what to expect as it mostly depends on the level of evolution and awareness of each and everyone of us. However, as French Canadian astrologer Danielle Clermont writes in her October monthly report, “astrology-wise, this is an all-Uranian full moon we're heading for, i.e. an unpredictable, erratic, perhaps 'shocking' full moon”.

    This Full Blue Moon in Scorpio on October 31, 2020 combining with Uranus retrograde in Taurus will have a very strong impact and may create opportunities for unexpected encounters, sudden shocks, exceptional circumstances, and perhaps 'accidents'. Adaptability, caution, and patience are in order” she says.

    And as if it wasn't bad enough, a T-square in cardinal signs (the most active ones) should spice up this highly electric atmosphere. To give you an idea: Mars, the god of war, at home in Aries (and therefore at the peak of his power) is opposing Mercury retrograde in his air element in Libra, the sign of balance and justice, while both are also engaging in a show of strength with the three colossuses squatting Capricorn, the sign of power, authority, and establishment.

    This configuration reeks of karma from all ends. At collective level, it presents “an increased risk of economic instability, stock market shock, random policy decisions, rebellion and violence. The world's hot spots are more likely to further inflame. And since Uranus in Taurus is also associated with the Earth as Gaia, there is also an increased risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (or of other natural disasters).”

    No need for astrology to see it all coming, you may say. Know that the dark forces, who are still pulling the strings, will be the most affected by these strong turbulences as they are being exposed and brought to light. And seeing is believing! Keep in mind that Halloween hallmarks the moment when all the boundaries between the visible and the invisible worlds are temporarily removed. And most and foremost, that Halloween is the equivalent of New Year's Eve for Satanists.

    So even if you don't believe in all this and find this horror parade fun and entertaining, you must not think that feeding them your energy and attention by celebrating this holiday is of no significance. Do as you please and as you feel, but make sure you are fully aware of what is at stake for this is no longer time for ignorance. It is all truth or tricks now.

    I lit the sun
    For this child in slumber
    I woke the heat
    To enlighten and dry his tears
    I filled the garden with flowers
    To keep out the night, the cold,
    And adversity
    I filled his path with exhilaration
    And with a thousand lights
    And a thousand colours

    ♫ "La Nuit des fées", Indochine (2002)


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