• Tomorrow's World

    Music & lyrics by Matt Bellamy

    Last month, due to quarantine restrictions, Matt Bellamy released a single without his two bandmates, meant as a wonderful ode to Gaia, our Mother Earth, and to the world we could have if only we would be more aware of her beauty and offerings and if we could stop wasting it.

    This song captures my mood and feelings whilst in lockdown. I have been reminded of what really matters in life and have discovered growing optimism, appreciation and hope for the future” he explains on his Intagram account.

    He also said that Muse will always be his priority, but the lockdown
    really pushed him into a place of questioning: "‘What would I do if I was alone? What kind of music would I be into?’ The answer is songs like this. I’ve basically connected with my inner Enya! I’ve realised that without Dom thrashing on the drums and without Chris’ menacing bass-playing, I probably tend to lean more into the ethereal and dreamy world of music. That fits what it feels like at this time to be in your head. This song probably does represent the kind of thing that I wouldn’t want to do with Muse because it is just me and it’s very personal. I can really see myself wanting to do more intimate and soft songs and not inflict them on Dom and Chris! If you look at Muse over the years, there have been times when I’ve brought more ethereal, soundtrack-y kind of music into it. When we play live that stuff it doesn’t always fit in, so I do see myself carving out a space for more of the acoustic and mellow stuff. Mainly right now, it’s just something to do. If anything, it’ll probably help me frame what Muse really is – it’s a band, it’s harder, it’s more bombastic.” (source).

    An awesome track somehow reminiscent of "Explorers" (see Related articles).


    Your eyes see clearer,
    Your hands can heal her,
    Your lips taste her beauty,
    Don't you waste it...
    Don't you waste it...

    Your body is stronger,
    Your mind is a wonder,
    Your heart is so full of love,
    Don't you waste it...
    Don't you waste it...

    Look to tomorrow,
    The end of our sorrows,
    Our world could be so full of joy,
    Don't you waste it...
    Don't you waste it...

    © Matthew Bellamy, 2020

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