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    Kidney beans are very popular in the Caribbean and South America and have a much stronger flavour than other varieties best known in Europe. Unlike animal protein foods, its high vegetable protein content makes it a totally fat-free food. They are also full of fibres (regulates intestinal transit, promotes rapid feeling of satiety), vitamin B9 (stimulates cell renewal), potassium (supports nervous system, muscle function, blood pressure), iron (boosts red cell production, immune system, energy) and phosphorus (for strong teeth and bones)

    As for tomatoes, they also contain a lot of fibres and antioxidants (vitamins A and C plus carotenoids, responsible for their vibrant red colour) as well as vitamin K, calcium (teeth and bones) and chromium (blood sugar).

    Last but not least, (extra virgin) olive oil is now well known for its benefits on cardiovascular health, thanks to its high content in polyphenols and vitamin E (antioxidants) which protect blood vessels from oxidative stress and free radicals, both responsible for atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

    Let me share with you this quick and yummy spread recipe (found HERE) which I have tested and really enjoyed.


    Makes 300 g :

    - 250 g kidney beans, cooked
    - 50 g dried tomatoes
    - 2 tbsp olive oil
    - black pepper


    Drain beans and process with tomatoes, olive oil and pepper. Transfer to an air-proof container and keep refrigerated.

    NOTE: Seasoning is left to your own appreciation. You may also add a couple of spoonfuls of capers for a spicier flavour.

    Spread on quinoa toasts, it makes a delicious nourishing snack.


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