• This Grocery Bag Won’t Hurt Animals — It Actually Feeds Them

    Article by Joe McCarthy

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    People around the world use and discard more than a trillion plastic bags each year. A significant percentage of these bags end up littered across ecosystems, especially oceans, where they converge in enormous gyres that disrupt and harm marine life. Many countries have recognized that the environmental costs of plastic bags are simply too much to pay for the convenience and have imposed bans or fees on their use.

    China, for example, banned bags thinner than .025 millimeters in 2008 and annual plastic bag use dropped by 40 billion. Ireland, meanwhile, imposed a 15 cent fee on retailers for each plastic bag and use fell by 94%.

    But these bans are the exception. Plastic bags still reign without interference all around the world and the amount of plastic waste generated is only rising.

    Now, thanks to a company in the Philippines called Avani, an environmentally friendly solution could be coming to a store near you.


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