• There’s a Good Reason Why This Documentary Has 65 Million Views & Was Ignored by Mainstream Media

    Article by Arjun Walia

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    Last summer, I encouraged you to watch this over two-hour long great riveting documentary available in many languages (see Related articles). Here's a reminder for if there is one thing every human being on this planet should see, this is it. So for once, let go of your stupid brainwashing TV series that entertain you over and over again in endless variations of the same story and invest the time you'll save into healthy food for thoughts that might as well serve as a trigger to a life-transforming experience. Yes! Nowadays conscious awareness does not take as long as it used to and can also happen in a flash. Pass in on.

    And for those who have already seen this film, you may want to watch it again just to raise your spirits up, reminding yourself that we are not as powerless as what we are led to believe. I for one, upon viewing the torus pattern explanation again, have gained valuable insight on the importance of heart energy from a purely scientific perspective.

    As illustrated in the picture on the left, we can see that the heart chakra is creating the vortex that funnels the torus (universal pattern of energy flow found happening at every level). No wonder that when we get thrown off of our centre (or dis-heart-ned, in or out of inverted commas) we feel our roots and antennas literally pulled off while ending up totally disconnected from the planet and cosmic energy. As if all communications were out and our soul had gone silent (an excruciating feeling well illustrated by Philip Pullman with the cruel experiences on daemons in His Dark Material trilogy). We then find ourselves both vulnerable, destabilised and incomplete, desperately in search of an anchor, a bit like free electrons or nucleons snatched from their atomic nucleus. Let's hope this analogy will help the more pragmatic to gain better insight in this universal process and look at it from a scientific perspective rather than disregarding it as some wild New Age theory.


    Looking for a good documentary to watch? THRIVE is an excellent choice, and one of the best documentaries ever made that touches on what’s really happening in our world, and addresses the questions that more and more people are asking every single year.  It’s a bit of an unconventional documentary, exploring topics that many people still have yet to wake up to. That being said, THRIVE has accumulated approximately 65 million views, and it’s a great example of how many people continue to ‘wake up’ and take note of what’s happening on our planet, in multiple different areas.

    How does THRIVE do this? They follow the money, uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.


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