• There Is Good Evidence That Clutter Causes Anxiety & Stress

    Article by Richard Enos

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    Clutter in our home or office certainly does cause stress, according to an article in Psychology Today. Psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter lists the following 8 reasons that stress may ensue from a cluttered environment:

    1. Clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile), causing our senses to work overtime on stimuli that aren’t necessary or important.
    2. Clutter distracts us by drawing our attention away from what our focus should be on.
    3. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally.
    4. Clutter constantly signals to our brains that our work is never done.
    5. Clutter makes us anxious because we’re never sure what it’s going to take to get through to the bottom of the pile.
    6. Clutter creates feelings of guilt (“I should be more organized”) and embarrassment, especially when others unexpectedly drop by our homes or work spaces.
    7. Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity by invading the open spaces that allow most people to think, brainstorm, and problem solve.
    8. Clutter frustrates us by preventing us from locating what we need quickly (e.g. files and paperwork lost in the “pile” or keys swallowed up by the clutter).

    She also offers 8 remedies in the same article which are quite reasonable and practical. But before you rush over there to see what they are, there is something I’d like you to consider.


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