• The Year Of The Wolf

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    Cold wives and sunday papers,
    City boys in first class
    Don't know we're born little.
    Someone else is gonna come and clean it up,
    Born and raised for the job —
    Someone else always does always pick it up.
    Get over, get up, get over,
    Turn the tape off.
    I keep the wolf from the door,
    But he calls me up,
    Calls me on the phone,
    Tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up...

    "A Wolf At The Door", Radiohead (2003)

    After crying wolf for so long, nobody believes you when he's finally at the door. Yet, in China they say he's just passed the threshold. If you're a sheep/goat or a pig/boar, you should be extra careful. Anyone else, expect to be treated like a dog. It is the prerogative of such a year. Chihuahua!


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